Founded by Swinburne alumni, Jefferson Harcourt in the year he graduated with a BEng (Hons), Grey Innovation is a leading technology commercialisation company with an impressive track record of taking early stage technology through to market release. We started our 20+ year journey providing research and development consulting services to large corporates including Hewlett Packard and Bosch.

We’ve now refined our business model to create our own startup companies. Active in healthcare, environmental tech and defence sectors, Grey Innovation operates a scalable platform to unlock the best intellectual property from universities and research institutes and fast track it to commercial success. 

  • “Over the last five years, our portfolio of assets has grown to a value of ~$144 million with over $41 million held by the company.”

    Jefferson Harcourt

Now Executive Chair of Grey, Jefferson speaks of how much he enjoyed his time at Swinburne and how it helped prepare him for his entrepreneurial career. His experience has made him eager to take on Professional Placements students, giving them the opportunity to experience working in a cutting-edge technology commercialisation business.

Over the past few years, we’ve brought on board placement students who have been bright, engaged and hungry to learn. The students have grown professionally and personally through exposure to a fast-paced team environment and in turn, are of great value to Grey.

A Professional Placement is an important part of a student’s development. It prepares and exposes them to working in a professional organisation and tests their skills as they get to explore their career options. A great indicator of culture fit, several of our placement students have gone on to be permanently employed by Grey Innovation.

It’s a two-way relationship as the program is also beneficial for our staff members providing them with the opportunity to practice and develop their mentoring and supervision skills. As an added bonus, with the sharing of ideas and discovery of innovative ways to work, we actually learn new skills and techniques from the students.

All in all, our partnership with Swinburne University has been strengthened and we’ve seen real advantages from the exposure to research and development opportunities the university has offered.

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