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We’ve been offering professional placement programs for over 55 years. In the last few years, 400 plus organisations, from start-ups to multinational companies, have accessed more than 2000 future-ready students through our Professional Placements and Professional Internships programs.

As well as being a valuable learning opportunity for students, our programs offer organisations a great way to access fresh ideas, support long-term projects, and help your organisations during high activity and growth.

Creating graduate pipelines

  • Swinburne students during their placement at Optimising


    Optimising Co-Founder James Richardson shares his experience hiring professional placement students and how they are shaping the digital marketing industry to what it is today.

  • Colour image of four people two men and two women, walking down a park carrying a laptop and coffee, smiling and chatting.

    Accru Melbourne

    Kate Cain has found placements a great way to recruit high-quality permanent employees.

  • Cobalt Design's Steve Martinuzzo sitting with his hand resting on his chin, wearing a blue collared shirt.

    Cobalt Design

    Steve Martinuzzo describes how placement students integrate with the workplace and transform into potential long-term employees.

  • Photograph of Jarrod Mitchell from Melbourne water. Jarrod stands in front of a staircase and is wearing a suit jacket and shirt.

    Melbourne Water

    Jarrod Mitchell explains how the professional placements program is developing the next generation of engineers.

  • Photograph of Nathan Loriente from Metro Trains. Nathan wears a white collared shirt and jacket and is standing in front of an office.

    Metro Trains

    Nathan Loriente describes the life-cycle benefits of placing students at Metro Trains.

  • Image of seven people in surgical masks and scrubs standing behind a hospital bed looking at the camera, surrounded by surgical equipment.

    The Royal Melbourne Hospital

    Shannon Watt explains why they employ 75% of their former placement students.

  • Dmitri Markman, Head of Business Credit at NAB

    National Australia Bank

    Dmitri Markman, Head of Business Credit at NAB, shares how placement student Adam is a great addition to his team.

  • Photograph of Decmil professional placement student Kelsey Ingham wearing a hard hat and safety vest on a construction site.


    Emily Trevaskis shares how engaging placement students can support business growth and strategy.

Resourcing fresh talent 

Helping a student develop and grow

A development opportunity for your staff

  • Jefferson Harcourt, Executive Chair of Grey Innovation.

    Grey Innovation

    Swinburne alumni Jefferson Harcourt speaks of how much he enjoyed his time at Swinburne and how it help prepare him for his entrepreneurial career.

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