Working with our enthusiastic and eager accreditation placement students can be a great way to inject new insights and perspectives into your organisation, and can help your team achieve their goals during a busy time period.

Accreditional placements

Learn more about the details of our accreditation placements including duration and other key information:

Professional experience placements are a mandatory component of teacher education courses. Each course stipulates the number of placement days that must be completed each year of the course, which is a requirement for registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching. 

For undergraduate students, this will be no fewer than 80 hours and no fewer than 60 hours for postgraduate.

Placements occur during the semester and provide an essential link between theory and practice. The experience underpins the theoretical and pedagogical knowledge taught in the education units. 

Contact the Professional Experience Manager to find out how to engage with our education students by emailing

Undergraduate engineering students must complete a minimum of 12 weeks approved, relevant experience before graduation.

Placements can be paid or unpaid in an engineering environment. The experience provides students with an opportunity to apply their studies in engineering practice. 

Contact us for more information on engaging with our engineering students across a broad range of specialisations. We have students in disciplines including civil and construction, mechanical, electronic and electrical, and robotics and mechatronics.

Email the professional placements team for more information

Health placements are mandatory for some undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Undergraduate courses

If you’re looking to take on a nursing or exercise and sports science accreditation placement student (undergraduate), the following placements requirements apply:

  • Bachelor of Nursing. Our students must complete a minimum of 800 hours of placement during the course to be eligible for graduation and registration. 
  • Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science. Students must complete 140 hours of placement in year three of their course.
Postgraduate courses

If you’re looking to work with an accreditation placement student studying a health postgraduate course, the following placement requirements apply:

  • Master of Occupational Therapy. Students must complete three blocks of placement during the two-year course, for a total of 1000 hours of placement. 
  • Post Graduate Psychology. Students must complete between 60 and 200 days of placement depending on exact course requirements. 
  • Master of Dietetics. Students must complete four five-week placement blocks in the second year of your course, totalling 100 days of placement. 
  • Master of Physiotherapy. Students must complete 1000 hours of placements over the course which includes block placements and work integrated learning. 
  • Master of Counselling. Students must undertake 120 client contact hours of placement in year 2 and 3 of the course.
Have a question?

If you have any questions around our health accreditation placements, contact the Faculty Health Placement team by emailing

Our Bachelor of Laws students must complete three 20-day professional experience placements during their degree.

These placements complement theoretical concepts with an understanding of how to apply law principles.

We invite host organisations to engage with us through this innovative placement program. Please email for more information.

Swinburne require accreditation placements for students in a number Vocational Education programs such as: Early Childhood and Education, Allied Health, Mental Health, Community Services, Youth Work, Nursing and Individual Support.

If you’re looking to take on a TAFE accreditation placement student, please contact us for more information.

Early Childcare and Education Placements:
Liz Clapp
+61 3 9210 1188

Allied Health and Mental Health Placements:
Megan Pote
+61 3 9210 1993

Community Services and Youth Work Placements:
Soph Stafford
+61 3 9210 1161

Nursing and Individual Support Placements:
Bronwyn Thornton
+61 3 9210 1992

  • "Our organisation has greatly benefited from the program, with extra assistance to complete new and existing projects using the student’s fresh ideas and approachesIt has also afforded existing staff the opportunity to develop themselves through interaction and engagement with the students."

    Peter Moran , Co-ordinator of Construction Development, City of Yarra

Payment to students  

Accreditation placements are generally unpaid, although payment to students is not discouraged for law and engineering.  


There is no cost to your organisation to host a placement student. There are some conditions, such as adequate supervision, that must be met before a placement can go ahead.

Call us on +61 3 9214 4577 or submit an online query and we’ll explain the process and requirements.

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Partner with us and take on an accreditation placement student in education, engineering, health and law by contacting the placements team on +61 3 9214 4577 or submit your query online. 

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