Swinburne University of Technology is a dual-sector institution, defined and inspired by technology and innovation, and renowned for our strong industry and community engagement. We are transforming the future of education by giving students the knowledge, adaptability and experience they need to realise their full potential in a tech-rich future. We are dedicated to partnering with industry, communities and government to co-create the transformative technology solutions that society needs. 

Core strengths

Over the last 110 years, we have grown from being a technical college to a university consistently ranked among the top 300 research-intensive universities globally. Our researchers are producing innovative solutions to real-world problems across a range of disciplines, astronomy, physics, engineering, materials science, computer science and information technology, design and innovation, health sciences, neurosciences and mental health.

As part of our 2025 Strategic Plan, we are concentrating our research efforts in flagship areas where Swinburne is a world leader:

  • Space and Aerospace Technology
  • Sustainable solutions to create an Innovative Planet
  • Medical Technology.

Creative partnerships

To increase our capability and impact, we’re regularly investing in research infrastructure and pursuing strategic partnerships with industry, government and community organisations. These collaborations have resulted in the commercialisation of countless new ideas, products and services. 

Industry 4.0

As one of the only universities with a holistic 4.0 strategy, we’re using digital technologies to create social and economic impact. In 2019, we were awarded the 2019 Australian Business Award (ABA) for Business Innovation for our Industry 4.0 initiatives.

The future

Through innovation and strategic investment in infrastructure and research excellence, we aim to build on our reputation as a research-intensive university of world standard and create positive change. As part of this commitment, we offer our research students, staff and collaborators the opportunity to participate in world-changing projects that advance society.

  • 2025 Strategic Plan

    We choose to build Swinburne as the prototype of a new and different university, where people and technology work together to build a better world.

Research ethics and integrity

Swinburne researchers are committed to the highest ethical, professional and scholarly standards. Our research conforms to the Australian Code for the Responsible Conduct of Research and our commitment to the code is reflected in our People, Culture and Integrity Policy. 

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Research openness and transparency

Swinburne is committed to ensuring research validity, reuse and impact through supporting a culture of open and transparent scholarship. We value and support timely access to research outputs to maximise public access and benefit.

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