From research beginnings through to commercially viable companies, Swinburne’s research and technologies translate to bring innovative products and services to market. The following start-ups and spin-off companies originated at Swinburne and have gone on to become commercial ventures.


Innovative start-up mDetect has developed a new technology platform that uses particles from space – called muons – to ‘see the unseeable’. The platform can visualise conditions underground, underwater or within structures providing valuable intelligence. Research began at Swinburne in 2018, was further developed through Swinburne's Accelerator Program and deployed to upgrade Melbourne’s water utilities in 2020.

mDetect spins out from Swinburne: taking deep tech to new depths


Nirtek has developed a ground-breaking medical device to identify those at the highest risk of a heart attack. An infrared laser developed by researchers at the Baker Heart and Diabetes Institute and Swinburne University can differentiate between plaques that are stable and unstable for the first time, preventing rupture and heart attack.

Nirtek news

Capsular Technologies

Founded in 2017, Capsular Technologies has developed a slow-release veterinary vaccine, eliminating the need for booster shots. The technology uses a micro-hydrogel to slowly release immune-boosting components, which prolongs and increases the effectiveness of a single vaccine injection.

Hearables 3D

Hearables 3D is a start-up that draws on Swinburne research to scan and 3D print customised tips, tailored to individuals’ unique ear profile. The result is better-fitting earphones and hearing aids.

Swinburne 3D printing technology is shaking up personalised hearing aids and earphones
  • "Ear solutions that everyday people like and can access are needed more than ever. That's where our technology fits in. Our vision is to make custom-fit devices an everyday norm."

    Damien Png , Chief Operating Officer and co-founder, Hearables 3D

SNA Toolbox

Making the unseen visible, SNA Toolbox helps organisations to realise their social capital through its unique technology platform optimising the hidden social structure of organisations. Social network analysis (SNA) is a general approach to analysing social systems of interconnected social entities, with a focus on the patterns and implications of these relationships.


Quitch is a gamified, mobile e-learning app that changes the way learners engage with knowledge. Harnessing mobile technology to engage students, improve retention and boost performance through game-based techniques. Quitch is now delivering learning outcomes for educators and trainers in universities, colleges, businesses and associations across the globe.

Gamified learning app wins higher education award


Viridi Innovations is in the business of extracting value from wine waste. A collaboration between Swinburne, Swisse Wellness and Fight Food Waste Cooperative Research Centre to transform the leftovers of the Australian wine industry into nutraceutical ingredients.

Turning wine industry waste into premium products


Hardwear started as the commercialisation of Swinburne’s development of a new portable laser surfacing technology to repair turbine blades. The company now provides laser surfacing and in-situ laser cladding for users such as the power, mining and rail industries.


MiniFAB is a contract engineering firm that develops and manufactures disposable micro-engineered products. The organisation has completed more than 900 projects and now has offices in Europe and the US.

Archive of older successful spin-offs

Read about some of our successful spin-offs and start-ups from the past.

Cortical Dynamics was incorporated in 2004 to commercialise technology used for monitoring anaesthesia. The company now assists researchers and clinicians to examine the effects of drugs on brain function and was recognised for this work at the 2016 Australian Technologies Competition. Cortical Dynamics is now listed on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Genos was created as the commercialisation of the Swinburne University Emotional Intelligence Test. The organisation now provides development programs and assessments to companies around the world.

Logometrix grew out of an ARC grant to develop a tool for rural, regional and metropolitan councils to evaluate performance and manage property and assets in line with best value principles.

Logometrix grew out of an ARC grant to develop a tool for rural, regional and metropolitan councils to evaluate performance and manage property and assets in line with best value principles.

Sportsbet21 was established to commercialise Swinburne’s sports statistics capability.

VROOM sells and installs the Virtual Room configuration – an interactive and immersive environment available for scientific visualisation, suitable for universities, museums and galleries. The Virtual Room was developed through a collaboration between the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing, RMIT University, Monash University, Adacel Technologies and Museum Victoria.

Youthworx Productions is a social enterprise company where trainees produce professional videos under the mentorship of media and production specialists. The company emerged out of a partnership between the Social Innovation Research Institute and the Salvation Army, within the ARC Centre of Excellence for Creative Industries and Innovation.

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