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In recent years, we’ve formed a number of major partnerships instrumental in creating widespread industry advancement. Read some of our latest news stories to find out more about these achievements.

  • “Telstra provided funding to support the Swinburne Social Innovation Research Institute to establish, pilot and evaluate an interest-participation model for developing sustainable digital media skills and literacies for seniors aged 60 and over. Our partnership with the institute has been of great value to Telstra.”

    General manager, Digital Inclusion Chief Sustainability Office , Corporate Affairs, Telstra

Infrastructure partners can utilise

We’ve set up world-class infrastructure that’s leading the way in creating positive outcomes across industry.  

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QS World University Rankings 2021

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Success stories

From partnerships with SMEs, right through to our collaborations with large multinationals, we have earnt a reputation for accomplishing great outcomes. Read some of our recent success stories recently published in our Changemakers magazine.

  • New residential construction home from brick with metal framing against a blue sky

    Research commercialisation

    The steel standard

    Swinburne is giving Australian home owners access to fast, durable steel-framed housing.

  • Research commercialisation

    Staying in the club

    Swinburne and the AFL has developed a new mechanism to help clubs grow and thrive called The Swinburne Membership Satisfaction and Retention (MEMSAT) tool.

  • Australian country soil during sunset

    Research commercialisation

    Getting to the root of the problem

    Swinburne scientists have helped develop new soil-wetting agents that significantly increase crop yield and farming sustainability.

  • Young people leaning on each other for support

    Research commercialisation

    Mental health help

    Swinburne is helping to make sure people have access to mental health support by developing free online services.

  • Woman looks at laptop while child plays with robot

    Research commercialisation

    Supporting STEM

    The Knox Innovation Opportunity Sustainability Centre at Swinburne is helping to switch on the next generation of Australian science students.

  • High court of Australia

    Research commercialisation

    Improving trial by Jury

    Swinburne has helped to make the job of juries easier – reducing retrials, costs and victim trauma.

  • Neurologists / neuroscientists surrounded by monitors showing CT, MRI scans having discussions.

    Research commercialisation

    Smart Ageing

    Swinburne research is helping to ensure that people retain their memory and brain function as they get older.

  • Research commercialisation

    Bringing the universe to the world

    Swinburne astrophysics research is not just helping us to understand the universe – it is also delivering the universe to movie audiences throughout the world. 

  • Cloud computing data technology software

    Research commercialisation

    Comparing clouds

    Innovative software tools developed by Swinburne are making it easy for businesses to understand and get what they want from the cloud.

  • Boy huddled and alone on city street

    Research commercialisation

    A place to lay your head

    Swinburne research is helping to reduce the risk of homelessness for young Australians.

  • Three young people standing around a computer displaying data

    Research commercialisation

    Data driven business policy

    The Swinburne industrial economics team has worked with government agencies to clean and link government datasets.

  • Siemens train in Metro Trains Melbourne Australia

    Research commercialisation

    On track for outstanding outcomes

    Swinburne’s work on the Melbourne train fleet has saved money, prevented poor environmental impacts and even helped trains run on time.

  • Student on their phone in a cafe

    Research commercialisation

    Exploring the city with your phone

    New smartphone games developed by Swinburne are helping to connect people with the places they live.

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