Collaborations and partnerships

If you want to partner with Swinburne, start the conversation with the Government, Industry and Community Engagement team. We will listen to your problem or idea and connect you with the right people at the right time to create solutions. We work with a range of organisations from SMEs through to multinationals to create unique and mutually beneficial partnerships. Start the conversation with us by completing our online form.  

Chris Hennessy
Government, Industry and Community Engagement

Tom Bradbury
Manager - Government Relations
Government, Industry and Community Engagement

Daria Cecchini
Associate Director - Industry Engagement
Government, Industry and Community Engagement

Vera Gin
Manager - Industry Engagement (Engineering, Science, Technology)
Government, Industry and Community Engagement

Dominique Goodwin
Manager - Industry Engagement (Design and Social Science)
Government, Industry and Community Engagement

Sarah Cleveland
Manager - Industry Engagement (Business, Law and Health)
Government, Industry and Community Engagement

Volunteer opportunities for our students

If you have opportunities available for our students to volunteer, we want to hear about it. Let us know by emailing

Research engagement

If you have a business or organisation problem that needs a new and innovative solution, collaborating with us on research programs could be the answer.  Email to start the conversation.

If your query is related to our intellectual property policies, patents portfolio, licence agreements, email

External research partnerships

Contact the Swinburne Research Business Development team if you are interested in working with Swinburne researchers.

Ros Hore
Director, Industry Research Engagement and Business Development

Jenny Bungur
Business Development Manager, Manufacturing, Construction and Sustainability

Bronwyn Smith
Business Development Manager, Government, Health and Community

James Davern
Business Development Manager, Defence and Digital Innovation (and Space)

Marco Krischer
Digital Partnerships Manager

Find a researcher and contact them directly to start a conversation:

Workforce training and professional development

If you’re looking to upskill your employees or want to explore customised learning and development solutions email or call 1800 633 560.

Employing a student or graduate

If you’re looking to employ new talent into your organisation, hiring a student or graduate is s a fantastic way to gain new skills and insights. Start the process by emailing

Have a short-term opportunity for our students?  Employing a student for a placement or internship can provide new insights without the long-term overhead. Email to learn more.  

Yuki Kojima

Team Leader, Employer Engagement
+61 3 9214 8621

Charles Slee

Employer Engagement Consultant
+61 3 9214 4749

Travis Keating

Employer Engagement Consultant
+61 3 9214 8736

Zoe Shew

Employer Engagement Consultant
+61 3 9214 8537

Want to employ a PhD-level student while they’re studying to solve a unique business problem? We have opportunities to employ our phd students for internships as part of their studies. Learn more by emailing

If you’re not sure what type of placement would be best for you, please submit an enquiry using our online form.

International agents

If you are an international agent looking to partner with Swinburne, please visit the international agents page.

Schools engagement programs

If you’re a school principle or school teacher looking for professional development, workshops, events or work experience placements with us, email

Genevieve Lazzari

Associate Director, Collaboration & Partnerships
+61 3 9214 3834

Ashlee Lambton

In2Science Coordinator, Collaboration & Partnerships
+61 3 9214 5737

Megan Hough

PrimeSCI! Coordinator, Collaboration & Partnerships
+61 3 9210 1969

Innovation Precinct

Got an idea for an interesting product or want to create a start-up? We can work with you to create novel products and services through a co-creation model through the Innovation Precinct. Email to learn more.

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