Since graduating from Swinburne in 2004 with a Master's of Information Technology, Tariq Al-Barwani has had incredible success in his field and received local and international awards for his achievements.

We talk to Tariq about his work in Oman as a technologist, and the projects he has launched in telecommunications, technology, media, education, community and events.

Swinburne Master's of Information Technology alumnus and Technologist, Tariq Al-Barwani

How are you creating impact in the world?

I'm the founder of Knowledge Oman, the largest multi-award-winning knowledge-sharing platform in the Sultanate that was started in 2008 to transform Oman into a knowledge-driven society.

The platform has positively impacted tens of thousands of people by enabling free knowledge sharing from professionals and experts living in the country, and by collaborating with reputable local and international organisations to conduct seminars, initiate projects and support individuals and entrepreneurs in business.

To create social impact we are bridging the gap between the education, public and private sector to share practical knowledge, experience, and tools from the field. The aim of this platform is to educate Omani youth, conduct educational seminars and workshops to bridge the gap between academics and industry, and to create a platform to build a better future for the Omani community through the knowledge sharing of passionate individuals.

We form collaborations and partnerships with various industries and academics to encourage them to work together and ensure best practices are shared to create winning professionals and leaders. We have also created an initiative where disadvantaged children, families and similar organisations are supported on a periodic basis.

How central is innovation to your work?

Innovation is at the core of what we do at Knowledge Oman and has been the main driver of our success over the years. We are constantly thinking of new ways to work with various partners and collaborators to share more knowledge with society, in various disciplines and fields.

In what way did Swinburne prepare you for the challenges you face in your work?

My time at Swinburne encouraged me to always be innovative and sparked my passion for technology. There is no denying that technology plays an integral part in enabling and transforming businesses around the world, and it’s important to keep on top of it.

For me, connecting with society, working and promoting the kind of activities we do and constantly being innovative in our approach to projects, is what Swinburne prepared me for.

What advice would you give to current Swinburne students?

I would advise students to constantly learn new things, both in an academic and personal sense as the opportunity to learn is incredibly valuable. I’d also say don’t just work hard but work smart as well, and be focused on attaining targeted results.

Where do you see yourself in 2025?

Continuing doing what I do but in a bigger way, impacting not just tens of thousands of lives positively within my country, but also neighbouring countries as well, as I always picture the world as one big flat space, where everyone is treated equal and everyone can work together to achieve common goals.

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