Only a year after graduating and setting up their company Trifold, multimedia design graduates Chandrika Ong and Nehemia Raymond have earned a solid reputation.

They have done so by developing high quality digital content for virtual, augmented and mixed reality thanks to the expertise they acquired during their time at Swinburne’s Sarawak campus in Kuching, Malaysia.

"We have a knack for creating and customising digital content for virtual, augmented and mixed reality," says Nehemia, who specialises in building, maintaining and deploying content.

Chandrika, the company’s technology director and lead developer, says that while companies providing virtual and augmented reality services do exist in the region, most are limited to hardware support and do not create content.

"It is this distinction that gives Trifold an edge."

Chandrika Ong and Nehemia Raymond

The company has worked on a range of projects from producing interactive augmented reality content and virtual reality to mixed reality promotions for state and national level events. The company’s string of clients includes two major oil and gas corporations as well as public service departments and agencies.

This isn’t their first taste of success. In their final year of study, Chandrika and Nehemia were handpicked with two others to develop a marketing app for the university. The result of their six-month effort was an app that provides a 360-degree immersive experience in exploring the campus and the city’s landmarks. The app is available today on Google Playstore and the App Store.

  • "We aspire to be the leading digital content company that creates a wide range of engaging material with new digital technology."

    Nehemia Raymond , Multimedia Design graduate

Now when the pair pitch for jobs, "We focus on the difference we can make for the potential client. The key is to give the client the ultimate experience by introducing the right technology to the table. That way, our pitch is unique," says Chandrika.

Homework for pitches means research and extensive preparation.

"We study the market and our competitors so as to position ourselves differently, and we go through lots of rehearsals to ensure our presentation flows smoothly and meets the time limit."

Their versatile content creation has opened up the business to possibilities in the education, tourism, industrial, marketing and entertainment sectors.

"Studying at Swinburne Sarawak was a step in the right direction too," Chandrika says.

  • "I think they approach us because we are uncommon. We are moving in a unique path, creating our own market with our unique quality content, and we have very few competitors."

    Chandrika Ong , Multimedia Design graduate

"It nurtured and prepared us for the work we do. Apart from enhancing our skills, the things we were taught opened the paths to our interests and passions. The university guided us in where we wanted to go in our career. Plus, the strong support from our passionate lecturers helped connect us with industry.

We want to expand our business globally, grow the team, create job opportunities for local talent and develop our own intellectual property such as mixed reality content for industrial training."

If Trifold’s first year is anything to go by, Chandrika and Nehemia are well on their way.

  • "We owe our success to a state government agency, Swinburne design staff and many others for their support. Our take from this is that collaboration and networking are the keys to success."

    Chandrika Ong , Multimedia Design graduate

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