In her role, Aminata works on major reforms and promotes voluntary tax compliance in the community, creating important change in her country.

Aminata Iyamide Mansaray is a leader and change champion within the Sierra Leone National Revenue Authority. Her mentorship of orphaned girls has also made her a leader in her community. In 2019 she received the prestigious Mandela Washington Fellowship for Young African Leaders.

Aminata Mansaray, Master in Strategic Foresight alumna and Manager Taxpayer Services, Registration & Education Policy - Sierra Leone National Revenue Authority

She is a key member of a $6 million project to automate domestic tax collection – the biggest project ever undertaken by the Revenue Authority.

Aminata says Swinburne laid the foundation of who she is today and shaped her thinking, emotional intelligence and leadership skills. During her studies, she had the opportunity to attend the UNESCO Global Youth Forum in Paris, an experience that validated her learning. She also plans to develop a leadership network for women working in revenue authorities in Africa.

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