Our approach

At Swinburne, we put cultural diversity at the heart of the university. We strive to be a leader in cross-cultural understanding and engagement.

We were the first university in Australia to launch a Charter of Cultural Diversity and Cultural Diversity Objectives on 17 March 2017. This is a significant milestone for the university and the higher education sector. It represents our commitment to cultural diversity within our community and broader society.

The charter reaffirms and extends acknowledgement and respect for the many cultures that make up the Swinburne community. Underpinning it is a set of objectives with initiatives in the areas of:

  • culture and capability
  • teaching and learning
  • research and development
  • engagement
  • international collaboration.

Cultural Diversity Strategic Framework

Swinburne was the first university in Australia to appoint a Director, Multicultural Engagement. This was in recognition of the importance of cultural diversity to our success and achievement as a leading inclusive global university. The initiative helps create an enriching and fulfilling community and campus experience to our students and staff. 

The Cultural Diversity Strategic Framework (CDSF) aims to introduce a far-reaching, sustainable approach for integrating cultural diversity values into all aspects of university life.

Embedded in Swinburne’s values, traditions and heritage and Victoria’s status as an international culturally diverse society, the framework has a set of principles and objectives. They provide the focus and impetus for developing and implementing policies, programs and initiatives.