The Swinburne University of Technology Act 2010 governs the university under Victorian law. See the leadership and governance section for further information about the Council and Academic Senate

Our organisational structure

Swinburne's management, educational and research structure includes our Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and President, Academic Senate and executive team


Our complex organisation relies on a variety of highly skilled experts in education, research and professional services. Lead by our senior executives and Vice-Chancellor, our structure is comprised of several portfolios, each responsible for a specific suite of activities and strategic functions, both academic and administrative.


Position Name
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Chris Pilgrim
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Innovation and Change) Professor Sarah Maddison
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Education and Quality) Tara Magdalinski
Executive Director, NICA Rose Stephens
Director, Student Engagement Nadine Zacharias
Director, Learning Transformations Charlotte Brack
Director, Student Administration and Library Services^ Michelle Gillespie
Director, Swinburne Student Life Aimee Gipper

* Pro Vice-Chancellors have a dotted reporting line to the DVC (R&E) for Research Performance and are also members of the Swinburne Executive Group.
^ This position has a dotted reporting line to the DVC (Pathways and Vocational Education).

Pathways and Vocational Education

Position Name
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Pathways and Vocational Education) Lisa Line
Director, Business, Design, Media and ICT Programs Valentina La Piana
Director, Health, Science and Community Programs Debbie McLaughlin
Director, Trades and Engineering Technologies Programs Anthony Van Buiten
Director, National Institute of Circus Arts Simona Jobbagy
General Manager, Swinburne Professional and Learning Design Innovation Hub Craig McCallum
Director, Centre for the New Workforce Dr Sean Gallagher
Director, Business Services Caryn Phillips

Research and Enterprise

Position Name
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research and Enterprise) Professor Bronwyn Fox
Pro Vice-Chancellor (International Research Development) Professor Alan Kin-Tak Lau
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Policy and Impact) Professor Beth Webster
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research Quality) Professor Qing-Long Han
Director, Research Services Dr Tania Bezzobs
Director, Data Science Research Institute Professor Matthew Bailes
Director, Iverson Health Innovation Research Institute Professor Gavin Lambert
Director, Manufacturing Futures Research Institute Professor Sally McArthur
Director, Smart Cities Research Institute Professor Mark Burry
Director, Social Innovation Research Institute Professor Jane Farmer
Director, Factory of the Future Dr Nico Adams


Position Name
Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Chief Executive Officer Sarawak Professor John Wilson
Pro Vice-Chancellor (Academic Affairs) Professor Lau Hieng Ho
Director, Marketing and Communications Jagdish Singh
Director, Business Development and Liaison James Ho Kok Chai
Director, Student and Corporate Services Caroline Hon
Manager, Audit and Risk Ahmad Hisham Abdul Halim
Manager, Finance and Business Analysis Jessie Kok
Manager, Resources Andrea Sim
Student Engagement Registrar and Director Esty Sharkawi

People and Culture

Position Name
Vice President (People and Culture) Marcia Gough
Director, People and Culture Partnerships and Workplace Relations Troy McInnes
Director, Employee Experience Jessica Macintyre
Director, Communications and Media Elizabeth Bardwell
Director, Planning Vicky Rosios
Director, Corporate and Operational Initiatives Stephen Baker-Smith
Senior Manager, Shared Services Andy McLennan
Senior Manager, Health, Safety & Wellbeing Paul Kozina
Senior Manager, P&C Operations & Program Management Jenni O’Brien

Global and Community Engagement

Position Name
Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Global and Community Engagement - Interim Dr Andrew J Smith
Acting Pro Vice-Chancellor, Global Engagement Jogvan Klein
Director, Industry Research Engagement and Business Development Ros Hore
Director, Government, Industry and Community Engagement Chris Hennessy
Director, Advancement Belinda Collins
Chief Marketing Officer Carolyn Bendall
Executive Director, Reconciliation Strategy and Leadership Professor Andrew Gunstone


Position Name
Chief Operating Officer and Chief Financial Officer Nancy Collins
Chief Information Officer Sean Elwick
Director, Facilities and Services Mhairi Donohoe
Director, Sustainability and Procurement Rhiannon Jones
Deputy Chief Financial Officer Michael O’Shea
Director, Enterprise Project Management Office Carol Redrup
Director, Commercial David McCall
Director, Business Analytics Matthew Rudd
Governance and Assurance, General Counsel Tom Rowan

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