Communications Consultant Anna Cairo feels that by giving to Swinburne she is making a contribution to society.

“I feel very positive about the university” she says. “It’s a great place and I had a good time there. But I don’t give to ‘feel good’—I give because it’s such a worthwhile thing to do.”

“It’s something I’ve always done—whether it’s my time, money, or something else. It’s just part of the ethos I was brought up with.”

Anna Cairo, Communications Consultant

In the past Anna has supported the student scholarship fund. But recently she has also given to the award-winning Swinburne program that helps teenage mothers continue their high school education while also caring for their babies. The Young Mums Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning Program provides an alternative path for 15-20 year-olds to complete Year 11 and Year 12 equivalent classes.

Anna graduated from Swinburne with a Diploma of Business (Admin) in 2002. After a period of working as a consultant and other study, Anna completed the Master of Arts (Media and Communication) at Swinburne in 2012.

  • "I am very happy that Swinburne allows me to choose where my money goes. It’s as simple as ticking the box.” 

    Anna Cairo , Communications Consultant and Swinburne donor

“I love communications,” she says. “It’s constantly evolving with the impact of social media.”

Anna consults to small and medium size businesses. “I assist them with the policy and strategic side of social media” she says.

“I advise them on how social media can work for their business—how it can impact their business—and then I develop strategies and social media policies to support their objectives.”

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