Your support is transforming the university.

We are honoured by your faith in Swinburne. It motivates and inspires us to continue to reach towards our vision of being Australia’s leading university in science, technology and innovation. 

Thanks to your continued support and commitment to Swinburne, our people, programs and initiatives have accomplished great things. Your donations have enabled Swinburne to be more than just a provider of education. We are also a source of inspiration for future generations and producing powerful research outcomes that will change lives. 

On behalf of Swinburne University, thank you. What we have experienced in 2020 is our institution and supporter community at its best – united and shining through unprecedented times. 

While still far from clear waters, when we look to the future and consider the deep connection with our supporter community, we move forward with a strong sense of optimism. 

When we think of the complex problems of our time, Swinburne is already in there, responding. Whether it be the ongoing effects on mental health on COVID-19; the fundamental responsibility to better care for our elderly, our vulnerable and our planet; the daunting economic recovery, and the sometimes forgotten task of restoring life and hope to bushfire affected regions, Swinburne is already working to find practical solutions to today’s problems. 

Our internal rigour is matched by an enviable supporter community, who in equal parts provides thoughtful investment for long-term change and, as 2020 has demonstrated, responds when members of our community are in crisis. 

Swinburne’s Donor Impact Report celebrates the impact of inspired and innovative giving and is a mark of our gratitude to the community that walks alongside us. This report covers not only 2019, but the 2020 Student Emergency Fund, supported so generously by our community. This year, more than any other, we pause and reflect on what we’ve been able to achieve as a result of your generosity and what shape this may take in the future. 

We celebrate the impact delivered through 10 years of investment from the Barbara Dicker Brain Sciences Foundation, which, since its inception, has given rise to a new generation of leaders in mental health and wellbeing. 

Wanting to leave a better world for his grandchildren, Steve Graham’s vision is to inspire leadership for the greater good. Steve’s investment and long-term partnership allowed Swinburne researchers to deliver the Australian Leadership Index (ALI): a tool to measure and publish Australians’ perceptions of our leaders across all sectors on a quarterly basis, to inspire a national conversation about leadership and how we foster leadership for social good. 

The Dicker and Graham families understand that to deliver the bold change they wish to see in the world, requires partnership with an institution which has the capacity to make it happen. They chose Swinburne; trusting in alignment of values and culture, excellence of research and strength of governance. 

The announcement of Swinburne’s partnership with Hearts and Minds Investment Company in 2019 heralds a very different approach to philanthropy. This novel partnership provides discretionary funds to Swinburne’s Centre for Human Psychopharmacology, trusting in the judgement of the expert team within to do what it does best: conduct world-leading research exploring the cognitive and mood effects of natural substances, pharmaceuticals, recreational drugs and dietary interventions across the lifespan. 

Swinburne’s core purpose is to serve our students. Our hearts broke as thousands reached out to Swinburne to meet their basic needs of survival during the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. In a modern world, students may not belong to a community group, or to a Church or a sporting club – but they belong to Swinburne. The response was inspiring and humbling. We came together and walked with our students, even in the most testing of times. 

It’s our hope that highlighting these very different examples of impact delivered through philanthropy will encourage you to pause and reflect on your own giving to Swinburne. What motivates you to give? What do you want to achieve through your support? Whether that be changing the life of one student through a scholarship or investing in a broader vision for change. 

My goal is for Swinburne to be the best place to invest in order to deliver social good. I am passionate about what we can achieve when we come together. 

We welcome your feedback as well as conversations about what you would like to achieve in partnership with Swinburne. 

On behalf of Swinburne, once again, thank you. 

Recent donor stories

Read some of the wonderful stories shared by our alumni, staff and friends about what inspires them to give to Swinburne. These stories beautifully reflect how our donors come from all walks of life with many varied and personal reasons for giving. 

  • Swinburne donor Anna Cairo

    Anna Cairo

    “I am very happy that Swinburne allows me to choose where my money goes. It’s as simple as ticking the box.”

  • Photograph of Swinburne donor Georgia Tan

    Georgina Tan

    “Hopefully my contributions will mean someone else can have the same great experience I enjoyed.”

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