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Foundation Year

Study areaIndicative course fee*
Arts/Social Sciences A$17,950–19,950 total
Business A$17,950–19,950 total
Design A$19,200–21,350 total
Science/Engineering A$19,200–21,350 total

UniLink diplomas

Study areaIndicative course fee*
Business A$20,650–23,250 total
Design A$21,650–24,250 total
Engineering A$23,100–25,990 total
Information and communication technologies A$20,650–23,250 total

Vocational education

Study areaCourse typeFee range*
Business and management   Certificate A$6850 total
  Diploma A$6850–13,700 total
  Advanced diploma A$6850–13,700 total
Engineering  Certificate A$14,990 total
  Advanced diploma A$15,950 annual, plus materials fee
Film and television  Diploma A$16,500 total
  Advanced diploma A$16,500 total
Games and animation Diploma A$14,990 total
Information and communication technologies Certificate A$14,990 total
  Diploma A$14,990 total
  Advanced diploma A$14,990 total
Science Diploma A$14,500 annual


Study areaCourse typeIndicative course fee*
Arts and social sciences Bachelor degree A$21,230–26,070 annual
Aviation Bachelor degree A$29,270 annual, plus flying school fees
Business and management  Associate degree A$22,630 annual
  Bachelor degree A$22,630 annual
Design  Bachelor degree A$25,282 annual
Engineering Bachelor degree A$28,310 annual
Film and television Bachelor degree A$26,430 annual
Games and animation Bachelor degree A$24,230 annual
Health sciences and community care Associate degree A$21,230 annual
  Bachelor degree A$21,230–26,070 annual
Information and communication technologies  Bachelor degree A$23,750–28,310 annual
Media and communications Bachelor degree A$21,230 annual
Psychology Bachelor degree A$26,110 annual
Science Bachelor degree A$26,070 annual


Study areaCourse typeIndicative course fee*
Business and management    Master A$24,000–29,813 annual
  Graduate diploma A$24,000–29,813 total
  Graduate certificate A$12,000–12,560 total
  Professional Year Program A$12,700 total, plus enrolment fee
Design  Master A$24,720 annual
  Graduate diploma A$24,720 total
Engineering   Master A$28,300 annual
  Graduate diploma A$28,300 total
  Graduate certificate A$14,150 total
  Professional Year Program A$15,200 total#, plus application fee
Games and animation   Graduate diploma A$24,760 total
  Graduate certificate A$12,380 total
Information and communication technologies    Master A$19,965–26,620 annual
  Graduate diploma A$25,840–26,620 total
  Graduate certificate A$12,920–26,620 total
  Professional Year Program A$12,600 total, plus enrolment fee
Media and communications   Master A$22,960 annual
  Graduate diploma A$22,960 total
  Graduate certificate A$11,480 total
Psychology   Master A$27,400 annual
  Postgraduate diploma A$27,400 total
Science   Master A$26,720 annual
  Graduate diploma A$26,720 total
  Graduate certificate A$13,360 total

#Indicative 2014 course fee, based on a standard full-time study load per year. All fees are subject to annual review and may be adjusted.


Study areaIndicative course fee*
Arts and social sciences A$24,730 annual
Busniess and management A$25,100 annual
Design A$24,720 annual
Engineering A$30,700 annual
Information and communication technology A$25,100 annual
Psychology A$27,400 annual
Science A$30,700 annual

*Indicative 2015 course fee, based on a standard full-time study load per year. All fees are subject to annual review and may be adjusted.