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Multivitamin and mineral preparations and brain activity

This study uses a combination of fMRI and Steady State Topography to study the acute effects of multi-vitamin/mineral preparations on brain activity during periods of intense mental processing.

There have been several studies recently from the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology and elsewhere demonstrating that multivitamin supplementation can improve mood and some aspects of cognitive performance. Previous work by Scholey has shown that a multivitamin-mineral-guaraná combination can improve performance during intense cognitive processing. The aim of this study is to further explore the effects of acute supplementation with multivitamins with and without guaraná on brain energy assessed via established imaging techniques in healthy volunteers. This will allow us to gain more knowledge about the link between multivitamins and cognition. Participants will be undergo cognitive testing brain imaging (both Steady State Tomography and fMRI) following placebo, multivitamins/minerals and multivitamins/minerals with guaraná.

This trial is now completed.


Professor Andrew Scholey

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