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Australian Research Council Longevity Intervention

Improving cognitive and brain ageing with natural medicines in the elderly.

An aging population has been identified as a future concern facing contemporary Australian society. Human ageing presents significant societal, economic and personal/human costs.

The ageing process can bring decreased productivity, a higher incidence of a variety of conditions such as cardiovascular and respiratory disease and - significantly - neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease (PD) and Alzheimer's disease (AD).

Age-related effects to our cognitive abilities occur concurrently with cellular degradation in the brain. Strong indications of a relationship between the onset of deficits in cognition and progressive damage to the brain provide a case for protective initiatives. The aim of ARC-LI research is to investigate whether age-related cognitive effects can be reduced by the administration of nutraceutical compounds with either strong anti-oxidant or multi-targeted neuroprotective effects on neural cells. Further, outcome measures will comprise functional brain imaging, domains of cognition and cardiovascular function, as well as innovative biochemistry and genetic markers.

The study will:

  1. Examine the effects of 52 week doses of Bacopa, Pycnogenol and micronutrient combination formulas (or placebo) on memory, cognitive performance and metabolic function in healthy adults aged 60 -75 years
  2. Investigate the time course of the above measures with follow-up at 3, 6 and 12 months following commencement of interventions
  3. Gather health and lifestyle variables that influence health outcomes, such as perceived stress, mood, physical exercise, sleep quality, diet and nutrient levels, and personality
  4. Examine brain neurophysiological change through functional brain imaging (optional component for participants) in the first 3 months following intervention
  5. Explore mechanisms underpinning cognitive and cardiovascular enhancement through detailed cardiovascular (blood pressure and arterial stiffness), biochemical (safety, oxidative stress and inflammation) and genetic analysis (telomere length and key Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms related to brain function and health).

The study is seeking 60 – 75 year old Victorians in good general health (further inclusion criteria applies) to enrol in the ARC-LI study.


Phone: (03) 9214 5472 or (03) 9214 8267

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