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Strategic Foresight

Leading in turbulent and difficult times

  • Develop your understanding of foresight and how it will be useful in your leadership practice
  • Acquire the ability to construct coherent and compelling views of the future
  • Learn how to avoid your 'scanning blindspots' and to see more broadly
  • Enhance your ability to influence others

About the program

The playing field is changing.

System turbulence and rapid change are the 'new normal' in the world of key decision-makers. Each day decisions must be made and plans devised for an ever-changing and often uncertain future.

For those charged with leading and navigating through such uncertainty, success can prove problematic.

Strategic foresight challenges leaders to engage with complexity as part of their leadership practice. It provides a framework that enables leaders to participate in the 'long game' by thinking broadly about their team and organisational challenges.

This program will develop your understanding around how foresight, leadership and organisational culture intersect to help guide the decision making and planning within your organisation.

In two days you will learn how to identify external indicators of potential opportunity and challenge and how to embed these learnings into your leadership practice.

You will also learn how to incorporate strategic foresight principles and techniques to inform your views of the future.

Who would benefit most from this program?

  • Chief Executive Officers
  • Senior strategists
  • Emerging leaders

If you are a forward-thinking leader in your organisation and interested in exploring more broadly about the operating environment then you will benefit from this program.


Day 1 – Foresight, leadership and culture

We explore where foresight is situated within your organisation and how foresight and organisational leadership interact.

Participants are exposed to significant uncertainties that are going to shape the future strategic landscape. Tools and frameworks are introduced that begin the integration of foresight to their leadership capacity.

Day 2 – Scanning for signals of change.

Participants will learn about their ‘scanning blindspots’ and how these can be first avoided and then turned into opportunities.

Participants will develop strategic responses to emerging challenges and the implications for leadership and organisational culture will be explored.


peter haywardDr Hayward is a foresight practitioner and academic. He specialises in helping organisations and communities act creatively with the future in mind – learning to see the world differently and find hopeful and inspiring futures. In his consultancy he has worked with a diverse portfolio of clients including international companies (Philips – Netherlands), corporates (Sanitarium Foods) and a range of Federal, State and Local governments.

Peter is an academic, writer, speaker and workshop facilitator and leader. His approach is based in systemic understandings of the present and the creation of powerful images of the future.

He is the Program Coordinator of the Master of Strategic Foresight at Swinburne – the only postgraduate qualification in foresight that is offered in Australia. Peter began his career as an accountant and economist working for the Australian Taxation Office moving to academia and consultancy after he increasingly became interested in change, the future and how it happens.

Joseph VorosDr Voros began his career as a physicist – he has a PhD in theoretical physics – followed by several years working in internet-related companies (including a stint at Netscape Communications in Silicon Valley) before becoming a professional futurist.

He has worked both as a consultant and as an organisationally-based foresight analyst and practitioner prior to becoming an academic.

Joseph’s professional interests are broadly multi-disciplinary and include the long-term future of humankind. Three of his research articles have won excellence awards and he is both a Founding Member and on the Board of the International Big History Association. He designed the Swinburne MBA subject on Corporate Strategy and taught it for several years.

In 2012 Joseph was one of 42 world experts selected to present at the “Global Future 2045” international conference in Moscow.

Maree ConwayMaree Conway is a strategic foresight practitioner, helping people in organisations create preferred futures to inform strategic decision making today and to embed strategic foresight approaches into their strategy development processes.

Her work focuses on building capacity of staff to do environmental (or horizon) scanning and strategic thinking to enable them to think about and respond to change in proactive ways. Her clients have included numerous universities in Australia, non-profit organisations, professional associations and government departments.

Maree worked in management roles in universities and TAFE institutes for almost 30 years before establishing Thinking Futures in 2007. She is a Founding Partner of the Centre for Australian Foresight, and is currently completing her PhD on "Constructing Fit for Purpose University Management in 2035: the influence of worldviews".

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