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Applied Optics

The Applied Optics group concentrates on producing pratical devices based on photonics research. There are presently a number of fields we work in including chemical sensing, optical fibre reseach and microscopy.
SERS fibre probe tip

Optical Fibre Sensors

Applied Optics is working on a number of sensor technologies including surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) chemical sensors, optical fibre based distributed temperature sensors and distibuted corrosion sensors.

Optical materials

Optical Materials and Photorefractive Effects

Progress in photonics and optical telecommunications has benefited greatly from the development of new optical materials and the use of photoinduced structures in a range of active and passive devices. The Applied Optics group is interested in further development of these systems and applying them to a range of sensing applications.

Microscopy and Imaging

Microscopy and Imaging

The Applied Optics group is also interested in developing novel methods for optical microscopy, imaging and non-contact inspection and their use in medical and industrial applications.