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 Upcoming Dates

Class Registration Opens October 25
Class Timetable will open on October 25 for Semester 1, Summer Term and Terms 1 and 2. Class availabilities will be released in two different time slots (10am and 7pm), instead of all at once!

2017 Higher Education Timetables Now Published
The 2017 timetables for Higher Education are now published. Please note, we have only published timetables for the first half of the year, including the following teaching periods: Summer, Semester 1, Term1, and Term 2. The second half of the year will be published at a later date. To review the 2017 timetable, please click here.

Not a Morning Person?
With the release of the 2017 timetables for Higher Education, we thought we would share with you an article from, Knowing, that will help put early morning classes into perspective. You can find the article by clicking here.

Booking Space for 2017
As the timetables for Higher Education and Vocational Education are currently being built and reviewed, we are unable to process adhoc and event bookings for 2017. We will begin taking bookings for 2017 dates once the HED and VE timetables have been published closer to the end of the year.

Need to Know When a Room is Available?
You can view the availability of any teaching space by clicking here and searching for the room in question.


October 13

Summer, Semester 1, Term 1, and Term 2
Timetables Published

Higher Education

October 25

Summer, Semester 1, Term 1, and Term 2
Class Registration Opens

Higher Education