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Who's life is it anyway?

Sunday 30 July
10am – 4pm
Hawthorn campus

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Open Day 2017 highlights

Astro Tour

Take a 20-minute flight through the solar system and beyond in the Swinburne Virtual Reality Theatre. Watch a range of short 3D astronomy movies produced by the Centre for Astrophysics and Supercomputing’s talented in-house animation team.

Business Hothouse, Open Day highlight

Business Hothouse

This is the epicentre for Swinburne’s entrepreneurs and innovators. Get inspired by the ventures, work placements and study abroad experiences of our students and graduates. Watch as they pitch their business ideas to our panel of judges, and enjoy live music and refreshments.

Factory of the Future, Open Day highlight

Factory of the Future

Our Factory of the Future provides organisations with state-of-the-art facilities to explore ideas for manufacturing next generation products. Students work with industry partners to design and build prototypes quickly and sustainably. Among their achievements - working with Public Transport Victoria to renew Melbourne’s tram design. Try out the 3D visualisation and design studio, collaborative robotics and see 3D printers in action.

Film and Television, Screen Production  and Screen and Media – Screenings and Q&A, Open Day highlight

Film and Television, Screen Production and Screen and Media – Screenings and Q&A

Meet students and graduates from university and vocational education courses in film and television, and screen production. Enjoy screenings of student films throughout the day.
Participate in a Q&A session: 10.30am–11.15am, 1.00pm–1.45pm

Flight Simulators, Open Day highlight

Flight Simulators

Carry out a pre-flight inspection of our Cessna 172 training aircraft in our aviation laboratory before taking to the virtual skies in Victoria’s only Redbird flight simulator. The simulator replicates the modern digital cockpit that our students learn to fly in.
Find out where a Swinburne aviation degree could take you!

Games Arcade, Open Day highlight

Games Arcade

Get your game on! Visit the Swinburne Games Arcade to play the latest offerings from our games courses! Find out more about our courses from academic staff and chat to current students about their experiences. Learn about the theory and practice of game design.

Moot Course Case, Open Day highlight

Moot Court Case

Aspire to become the next Harvey Specter or Alicia Florrick? Watch how it’s done as our law students play the roles of Senior and Junior Counsel, and present their submissions in a case of alleged negligence to the bench in the Swinburne Moot Court.

The Science of Science Fiction, Open Day highlight

The Science of Science Fiction

In Aliens’ depiction of space, no one can hear you scream, yet Star Wars showed us space battles that were excitingly noisy. Which movie is right? And does it even matter if it’s wrong? Join Swinburne astronomer and astrophysicist Dr Alan Duffy as he explores the science behind classic Hollywood blockbusters – those that got it right and those that didn’t.

Crushing Carbon, Smart Structures Laboratory, Open Day highlight

Crushing Concrete

Find out just how strong carbon fibre strengthened concrete columns are, as we place pressure on them until they explode! Learn how Swinburne used this technology to inform engineers working on the West Gate Bridge.

Make A Quake!, Smart Structures Laboratory, Open Day highlight

Make A Quake!

Visit our state-of-the-art civil engineering lab to be amazed by its real world applications. See our Multi-Axis Substructure Testing system in action – the only one of its kind in the Southern Hemisphere. Learn how this equipment simulates earthquakes and was used to help test structures in Christchurch.

Swinburne Startups, Open Day highlight

Swinburne Startups

Discover an incredible range of products and services all designed and created by Swinburne students and graduates. Browse fashion and accessories, homewares and cosmetics, jewellery and artwork. Meet our talented students and graduates and find out how a Swinburne qualification can help you bring your entrepreneurial dreams to life.

Health Zone, Open Day highlight

Health Zone

Ready, set, health! Swinburne is planning a major expansion in health courses from 2018, and all will be revealed at Open Day. You’ll see real-world health careers in action with interactive displays in fitness challenges, nursing simulations, forensic pathology, neuroscience and more.

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