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  • CHP present at Mediterranean Diet symposium

    CHP PhD students Greg Kennedy and Roy Hardman along with Prof Andrew Scholey and A/Prof Andrew Pipingas presented their work on the cognitive health benefits of the Mediterranean Diet at a joint La Trobe-Swinburne symposium on 19 November. The event was attended by around 80 delegates.

  • Herb and spice study featured on Huffington Post

    Read the article featuring CHP Director Professor Andrew Scholey.

  • CHP directors to present at Blackmores Institute Symposium

    Professor Andrew Scholey and Professor Con Stough, along with adjunct Dr Jerome Sarris will present at the 2014 Blackmores Institute Symposium.

  • Professor Con Stough writes for the Age

    Read Professor Con Stough's article on intelligence testing.

  • Professor Con Stough online interviews

    Professor Con Stough answered questions about a wide ranging array cognitive enhancers in an online "ask me anything" (AMA) session on Reddit. He also had an in-depth interview for the organisation PRYMD on his work in the fields of cognitive enhancement and Emotional Intelligence.

  • CHP professors present at National Cannabis Conference

    Professor Stough and Professor Ogden recently were involved in a symposium on cannabis at the National Cannabis Conference in Melbourne. Prof Stough talked about his work on cannabis and driving whilst Prof Ogden spoke about medications for cannabis addiction

  • CHP professors present at Harvard Medical School

    Associate Professor Andrew Pipingas and Professor Andrew Scholey presented their work on supplementation for brain health at the Functional Foods conference.

  • Professor Andrew Scholey presents at Linus Pauling Institute

    Andrew presented on CHP work in his talk entitled "Nutraceutical interventions for cognitive functions throughout life".

  • Are there natural remedies for cognitive ageing?

    Professor Con Stough and Matthew Pase have put together a status report on the effectiveness of natural pharmaceuticals.

  • Drugs and Driving 2015 symposium

    Professor Con Stough will present at the Drugs and Driving 2015 symposium in Toronto in June.

  • Lemon Balm: 2300 years of 'joy and mirth'

    Listen to Professor Andrew Scholey''s Smart Drugs Smarts podcast on the history and effect of lemon balm.

  • Are there natural remedies for cognitive ageing?

    Read the findings of a study by Professor Con Stough and Matthew Pase into the effectiveness of natural pharmaceuticals in preserving abilities such as memory and reasoning.

  • Plant-based cognitive enhancers

    Listen to Professor Con Stough's Smart Drugs Smarts podcast on his research methods and insight into plant-based cognitive enhancers with chronic (ongoing) effects, like Gingko biloba and Bacopa monnieri.

  • Wild state secrets

    Dr Luke Downey's research into tracking animals' mood, motivation and health has been featured in the Ecological Society of America's journal, Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.

  • CHP work features on Channel 10

    Work by PhD student Kate Cox into the benefits of curcumin on fatigue and attentional function featured on a number of media sites including Channel 10 news.

  • 2014 AFL footy tips

    CHP researcher on radio cannabis debate

    Dr Luke Downey was an invited expert on SYN Radio's Panorama for a debate on the use of medicinal cannabis.

  • 2014 AFL footy tips

    CHP co-director on 7 News

    Professor Con Stough was among several experts asked to comment on the commonly held belief that we use only 10% of our brain power.

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    Swinburne hosts the ISIR Conference

    The 2013 Annual conference of the International Society for Intelligence Research was hosted by Swinburne University (Con Stough and Andrew Scholey from the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology) from December 12-14th. This is the first time the conference has been held in the Southern Hemisphere and over 60 international delegates attended from Europe and North America. The society is the leading international society for research on human intelligence.The society featured a poster session in the library atrium, an excursion to the Yarra Valley and a dinner at the Hawthorn Common.

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    CHP grant success!

    Professor Con Stough and Dr. Luke Downey with Swinburne colleague Dr. Steve Bowe have been awarded $194,115 for their project The relationship between accident culpability and drug presence in blood samples taken from persons injured in motor vehicle collisions. CHP adjunct Dr. Jerome Sarris, along with CHP Professors Con Stough and Andrew Scholey and colleagues from the Universities of Melbourne and Queensland, has been awarded $658,539 to fund the project Kava for the Treatment of Generalized Anxiety Disorder: A 16-Week Double-Blind RCT

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    CHP director to attend World Economic Forum

    CHP co-director Prof Con Stough will be attending the World Economic Forum in for the second year running this November. This year's Summit on the Global Agenda 2013 is the largest and most significant global brainstorming, and will take place on 18-20 November in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Con is part of the neuroscience panel chaired by nobel laureate Eric Kandel.

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    CHP research mentioned on Science website

    Work by CHP PhD student Matthew Pase on the relationship between central blood pressure and cognitive decline was presented at the Association for Psychological Science conference in Washington. Matt was interviewed by the journal Science who have put the story on their website.

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    CHP study in the news

    A study published by CHP PhD student Matthew Pase on the mood effects of dark chocolate has received attention from numerous media outlets.

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    Grant Success

    Professor Andrew Scholey and CHP Colleagues have been awarded $900,000 for the project 'Controlled Trials in 'At Risk' Humans to Establish the Cognitive Benefits of a Nutrient Mixture and Underlying Mechanisms of Action'. The sub-award to Swinburne is part of a larger competitive grant from Abbott Nutrition to fund a new collaboration between the CHP, the University of Norwich, UK and the University of Illinois Urbana Champaign, US. The project will examine the effects of a 12 month dietary intervention on learning and memory in older individuals with poor memory, and will involve cognitive testing, biomarkers, genetics and neuroimaging.

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    CHP publishes important study of multivitamins and mortality

    Helen Macpherson, Andrew Pipingas and Matthew Pase from the Centre fro Human Psychopharmacology have published an important meta-analysis of the effects of multivitamin supplementation and mortality. Follow the link for a preprint of the paper, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, and a video overview of the methods and findings by Matthew Pase.

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    Sydney Morning Herald interview

    Saturday's Sydney Morning Herald featured an interview with Professor Con Stough about the CHP's ARCLI study.

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    Grant Success

    Congratulations to CHP postdoc Dr Luke Downey who was awarded $324,940 for a CJ Martin - Overseas Biomedical Fellowship for his project 'Assessing the health effects of acute use and cumulative use of Ecstacy in illicit drug use'. This will include a visit to Swansea University, UK to work with CHP Adjunct Professor Andy Parrott.

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    Grant Success

    CHP Adjunct postdoc Dr Jerome Sarris has been awarded $768,098.57 for the project 'The Efficacy of Adjunctive S-Adenosyl Methionine (SAMe) versus a Combination Nutraceutical in Clinical Depression: A Double-Blind, Randomised, Placebo-Controlled Trial' with Professor Con Stough of the CHP and our collaborators Professor Isaac Schweitzer Doctor Chad Bousman from Melbourne University.

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    Channel 7 interview

    PhD student Naomi Perry was interviewed on a Channel 7 feature about her research into the neurocognitive effects of soy supplementation.

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    Mussel-based oil may help overactive kids

    Newspaper coverage in Herald Sun of CHP trial testing oil from green-lipped muscles to treat symptoms of hyperactivity and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) naturally.

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    CHP attend national drugs and alcohol conference

    Recently Professors Con Stough, Andrew Scholey, PhD student Sarah Benson and Postdoctoral Researcher Luke Downey attended The Australasian Professional Society on Alcohol and other Drugs: APSAD, 2011 conference in Hobart (13/11/11 - 16/11/11).
    For more information please visit the website

    APSAD is dedicated to raising awareness about the problems related to the use of alcohol and other drugs, and to promoting improved standards in clinical practice and in research into this and allied subjects. As such, Dr Luke Downey presented one oral and one poster presentation regarding the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology's recent research by PhD student, Rita Brien, into attitudes and predictors of drug-driving behaviour (poster) and the acute and residual effects of cannabis on driving performance, cognition, attention and fatigue (oral). Both of which are published in Drug and Alcohol Review.

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    Vitamin B reduces work stress

    Increasing your Vitamin B intake could significantly reduce work-related stress, a clinical trial conducted at Swinburne has shown.

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    Menzies Foundation Scholarship

    Matthew Pase, a second year PhD student from the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology, was awarded the Menzies Foundation Scholarship in Allied Health Sciences. This prestigious scholarship is awarded to two Australian PhD students each year on the basis of academic excellence as well as to those likely to make a contribution to the development of Australian allied health sciences.

    The purpose of the scholarship is to improve the health of Australian's by supporting a worthy applicant. Under the supervision of Prof Stough, Dr. Pipingas, Prof Scholey and Dr. Sarris, Matthew's research is examining the effects of dietary supplements on cognitive ageing. By using rigorous scientific methods to evaluate the efficacy of several key supplements, this research may have implications for dietary and health practices in the elderly.

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    Food Industry Forum

    Professor Andrew Scholey of the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology is presenting at the Food Industry Forum in Adelaide on 29th-30 August

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    Dr Andrew Pipingas on 7 news

    Research led by Dr Andrew Pipingas was the focus of a 7 News feature in August.

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    South Africa Radio Interview

    Prof Con Stough recently took a study visit to South Africa and was interviewed in the national media about his work on Bacopa monniera and cognitive function

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    CHP at ICMAN5 conference

    Fourteen members of the CHP went to The 5th International Conference on Mechanisms of Action of Nutraceuticals (ICMAN5), Brisbane at the weekend (13-15 October)

    Andrew Pipingas, Anastasia Ossoukhova, Con Stough and Andrew Scholey all gave oral presentations and there were poster presentations from many of our post-docs and PhD students. Many congratulations to Christina Kure of the CHP who won the "Young Investigator Award" and prize for best poster presentation.

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    CHP presents at International Conference

    Work by the Centre for Human Psychopharmacology will be presented by Professor Andrew Scholey at the 5th International Conference on Polyphenols and Health in October

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    Korean Society of Ginseng

    Anastasia Ossoukhova, a PhD student at CHP, will be an invited speaker at the Korean Society of Ginseng in Seoul, South Korea on November 11th 2011. Anastasia will be presenting data from her PhD on the neurocognitive effects of American ginseng.

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    4th international conference on Psychopharmacology

    Chris Neale, a PhD student at CHP, will be presenting at The 4th international conference on Psychopharmacology in Antalya, Turkey November 23rd - 27th. Chris will be presenting work from his PhD which combines cognitive assessment and brain imaging (fMRI) to assess the behavioural effects of bacopa.

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    Multivitamin study in Herald Sun

    The findings of CHP research into effect of multivitamin supplements on memory were reported in the Herald Sun newspaper.

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    Multivitamin study in Courier Mail

    The findings of CHP research into effect of multivitamin supplements on memory were reported in the Courier Mail newspaper.

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