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Swinburne Info Evening

It’s time to stop thinking, start doing, and step into study. Find out all you need to know about our 2018 course options on Tuesday 23 January.

Supervisor Training and Accreditation

Research Supervisor Accreditation Training 2018

Advanced Topics in Regression A: (STAA0010A)

A review of multiple linear regression with special attention to assumptions, unusual point identification and multicollinearity.

Introduction to SAS

Students will use this statistical software to develop their knowledge in data management, data presentation, and statistical analysis.

The Basics of Scale Development (STAA0013A)

Introduction to types of scales and their development

Introduction to R

In this course you will learn how to install and configure R software. You will also learn how to read data into R, access R packages, and organise and comment R code.

Simple Linear Regression and ANOVA (STAA0002)

Statistical techniques including Simple Linear Regression and ANOVA

Survey Design (STAA0004A)

Skills in the collection of survey, observational, experimental and secondary data.

Rasch Modelling (STAA0013B)

Rasch modelling with labs.

Advanced Topics in Regression B: (STAA0010B)

Statistical techniques as listed below will be covered with an emphasis on the interpretation and reporting of these results. Mixed Models, Generalised Estimating Equations, Multi-level Models and Survival Analysis.