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Alison Marquart

"We understand that learning doesn’t end when you complete your degree. That’s why we have developed a strong mentoring process to ensure there are opportunities to continue to learn and improve on the job, every day you work with us"

Since becoming Hawthorn locals 25 years ago, Integrated Application Development (IntegraDev) and Swinburne have shared a special bond.

But it goes deeper than that. General Manager Alison Marquardt knew that developing a relationship with Swinburne would prove valuable.

With a desire to harness the brightest minds while role modelling the success women can have in the IT sector, IntegraDev has been busy cultivating the next generation of software professionals.

IntegraDev currently has four Swinburne students on Professional Placement. It has more than 20 staff who have graduated from Swinburne including three who have completed their professional placement with IntegraDev and returned full time upon completion of their degrees.

"The relationship between industry and educational institutions is critical. Early on we saw that developing a relationship with Swinburne would be beneficial, and the value that Professional Placement students provide just continues to grow."

Knowing that there were more ways they could support Swinburne students in addition to their industry partnership, IntegraDev has funded three student awards for excellence.

One of these prizes, the James Wauchope Award, was created in memory of an IntegraDev staff member who lost his fight with cancer in December 2000. James was an IT student at Swinburne before joining IntegraDev as a software developer. ‘It feels good to know you are acknowledging someone who has achieved excellence in their studies, and as we grow the business, Swinburne graduates are a very important part of our success.’

IntegraDev prizes are awarded to the best final year student in the Bachelor of Computer Science (Professional), the highest achieving student in the subject Introduction to Programming, and the highest overall achieving student in the Bachelor of Computer Science (Professional) with a major in Software Development.

"As a part of the IT industry, we recognise the role we can play in developing our industry. Supporting the awards is a way we can visibly show our commitment."

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Find out more about hosting a student in your workplace.

This story was originally published in the 2017 Donor Impact Report. Read the full report here.

Alison Marquardt, General Manager

I hope I am an example of the kinds of roles women can play in IT.

Alison Marquardt, General Manager