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Smart Structures Laboratory - Equipment

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Instron 5MN Four-Column Static Testing Machine

  • 5,000 kN Compression static force capacity
  • 3,500 kN Tension static force capacity
  • Four-column, high-stiffness, and load frame chamber volume 0 m x 0.6 m x 2.65 m
  • Hydraulic lift and locks of upper crosshead
  • Actuator in upper crosshead
  • Dynacell load cell features compensation for inertial loads caused by heavy fixtures
  • Long horizontal three or four point bending tests can be reacted through structural floor

MTS 1MN Hydraulic Universal Testing Machine

  • Static Force Rating: ±1,000 kN
  • Dynamic Force Rating: ±750 kN
  • Test volume inside four column load frame: 1.0 m x 0.6 m x 3.5 m
  • Integrated Data Acquition 16 channels
  • MTS Test Suite for conducting these tests:
    • Low/High-cycle fatigue
    • Fatigue crack growth and fracture toughness
    • Crack propagation
    • Component strength and durability
    • Dynamic characterization damping
    • Tension, Compression, Bending, Shear
    • Long Bending tests reacted through floor

MTS 250 kN Dynamic UTM Model 819 High Rate Test Machine

  • Up to ±250 kN static force capacity
  • Up to ±200 kN dynamic force capacity
  • Twin-column, high-stiffness, and precision-aligned load frame
  • Hydraulic Lift and Locks of upper crosshead
  • Dual servo valve system providing high speed single shot or lower speed conventional static and cyclic testing
  • Hydraulic grips, fixtures, and accessories
  • MTS Basic Testware, Multipurpose TestWare and MPE Test Suite software
  • Integrated Data Acquisition including up to eight strain and eight voltage based; displacement, load or strain transducers.

Instron 8801 100 kN Dynamic Testing Machine With Temperature Chamber

  • Up to ±100 kN Static Axial force capacity
  • Up to ±70 kN Dynamic Axial force capacity
  • Dynacell load cell features compensation for inertial loads caused by grips and fixtures
  • Maximum Specimen length ~560 mm Compression of ~400 mm Tension
  • Wide range of grips, fixtures, and accessories
  • Temperature Controlled chamber capable of holding or cycling between -80 and + 600 Degrees Celsius
  • Video Extensometer for high precision measurement in Temperature Chamber.

Instron Very High Speed Testing Machine (Model VHS)

  • 60 kN Maximum
  • 25 MPS Max Velocity
  • Test volume in chamber: 750 mm x 750 mm x 1000 mm
  • Data acquisition: High speed acquisition of force and displacement data
  • Standard tests: Quasi-static compression, tension, bending, etc.

MTS Electro Magnetic Machine (Model 43) 50kN Static

  • Load frame configuration: 2-column, Table top (integrated), Electromechanical ±50 kN Static
  • Data Acquisition: 2 Axis video extensometer 2 Clip-on extensometers
  • Typical specimens: small components, reinforced plastics, metals, wire, composites, elastomers, wood products, textiles, biomaterials, paper products, adhesives, foam, consumer products.

Other equipment and instrumentation

  • High torque actuator
  • 5 Environmental chambers with various sizes and capabilities including Co2
  • Floor shaker, controller, high sensitivity accelerometers and modal analysis software for vibration studies
  • VSTARS photogrammetry systems including VSTARS-D system capable of measuring at 10Hz n VIC 3D Correlated Solution
  • Video extensometers
  • MTS Laser extensometer
  • 1000 Degrees celsius six zone furnaces
  • Large number of load cells with various static and dynamic capabilities
  • Precision LVDTs, LDTs and laser displacement transducers ranging from 2.5mm to 200mm
  • Multiple National Instruments PXI data acquisitions systems with more than 200 channels
  • Data Physics data acquisition system for dynamic measurements
  • Concrete lab