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CMP PhD student wins best poster presentation at the annual ANFF research showcase

Monday November 27 2017

Raghu developed an optical element which changes laser beam focusing. Instead of generating a point-like focus, it creates a light needle of a record high length, extending up to few centimetres for usual laser beams.

The elements flexible design allows the creation of more complex light fields in terms of intensity, polarisation and angular momentum and will enable the creation of new laser material processing solutions utilising more complex light fields.

In his joint PhD theses (Swinburne - Madras IIT) co supervised by Prof Shanti Bhattacharya, nanofabrication of new flat optical elements is researched using Swinburne's Nanotechnology facility as well as the Melbourne Centre for Nanofabrication for testing new designs.

The NanoFrasor (SwissLitho) hot-tip nanofabrication tool, acquired by a Swinburne initiated ARC LIEF grant, is used for large area patterning.

The work has been published in arXiv: