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Sahar Tabrizi awarded a PhD

Tuesday February 14 2017

Congratulations to CMP student Sahar Tabrizi who was awarded a PhD degree in February 2017.

Sahar started her PhD study in January 2013 under the supervision of Professor Baohua Jia. The title of her thesis is “Optically Functional Metallic Micro/nanostructure Fabrication via a Highly Photosensitive Direct Laser Reduction Method”.

The thesis presents a new technique for fabrication of functional metallic micro/nanostructures with an especial version of photoreduction solution that could solve the poor electrical conductivity of the structure, low surface smoothness, and the low feature resolution.

Sahar’s work can demonstrate that key challenges in the fabrication of functional metallic micro/nanostructures are solvable and it provides advice and suggestions for future development in this field. In this case, the application range for this fabrication can be extended broadly to metamaterials, plasmonics, SERS and lab-on-a-chip (LoC).