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PhD student Ms Zahraa Al-Baiaty awarded CUDOS outreach and community engagement prize 2016

Friday February 5 2016

Ms Zahraa Al-Baiaty was awarded the CUDOS outreach and community engagement prize 2016 at the annual CUDOS workshop this week, her proposed experiment for this year was "Make your animated projector" which is directed mainly at schools. The most compelling aspects of this experiment are:

1. It costs ZERO dollars
2. Can be applied in class easily
3. Achieve three different applications with only one experiment.

CUDOS' outreach mission is to promote and present CUDOS, its researchers and its research activities to the general public, to school students and teachers, and to relevant government, professional and industry organisations.

The CUDOS Outreach & Community Engagement Prize is awarded to a CUDOS member who has demonstrated a record of achievement or commitment to outreach activities in the preceding year. Alternatively, the Prize is awarded as a result of a competition that challenges a member to develop resources that can be used to enhance public awareness of CUDOS and its research, and promote interest in STEM amongst high school students.

Congratulations Zahraa!