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Continuous Variable Approach to Entanglement

Dr Thomas Söderström

University of New South Wales, Australia

11:30 am Monday, 17 January 2011, AGSE207 Lecture Theatre (AGSE Building), Hawthorn.

Silicon is the preferred material used for converting light into electricity thanks to its semiconductor properties, and earth crust abundance (28% of the elements is Si). Thin film silicon (TFS) benefits from this natural advantage and has the potential to significantly reduced the material consumption and therefore cost of photovoltaic modules. However, the equipment costs (typically 20-30% of TFS module) are still limiting the spreading of the TFS technology. The key to reduce the equipment cost is to increase the efficiency and deposition rate of the silicon material. Therefore, this talk presents the status, challenges and recent results of the TFS technology made at University of Neuchatel (Switzerland) and UNSW (Sydney), i.e. amorphous silicon, micromorph tandem junction and polycrystalline thin film silicon solar cells.

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