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Photoelectric Instrument & New Sensor Technologies

Professor Xiaojian Hao

North University of China, China

11:00 am Monday, 22 November 2010,
EN615 (EN Building), Hawthorn.

Velocity Measurement Technology High Speed for Moving Objects on Harsh Environment. The velocity and its varying rule of a moving object are the key parameters to determine its performance. The principle of moving objects velocity  measurement is simple, engineering application is difficult. Aimed at projectiles’ and warhead fragments’ velocity, we make a deep study on large laser screen velocity. At the same time, measurement technology. for moving rule of a gun auto-mechanism and measurement on-rail missile moving velocity are researched as well.

Measurement Technology for Transient  (Ultra) High Surface Temperature. In the past, transient high-temperature measurement technique mainly focused on the transducer function of temperature, and seldom involves the research of the transient characteristic. A transient high surface temperature sensor with sapphire fiber ceramic(900 to 1900℃,10 -2s) and metal blackbody cavity (< 3000 ℃,10 -3s) can be suitable for working under harsh environment.

Dynamic Calibration of Temperature Sensors. In order to correct dynamic error of  temperature sensor, traceable dynamic calibration system with one loop of unbroken chain of comparisons with appropriate standards has been established.

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