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The Chaplaincy Unit welcomes all to Swinburne University.

To students - we wish you well in your studies.

To staff - we join as colleagues to contribute to a rich community life that affirms the value of learning: inviting deeper understanding and contribution to a more humane world.

We recognise the beauty and challenge of our cultural diversity at Swinburne. With students and staff from our Asia-Pacific region as well as Africa, the middle east, Europe and other parts of the world - this is a privileged congregation of the world.

As a multi-faith community, where any learning envirnoment might include a Hindu, an agnostic, Buddhist, Muslim, Christian, Sikh or Jew, we affirm the value of respectful dialogue and reflection. We are uniquely placed to share in the quest for peace and truth and to shape a community marked by a commitment to tolerance, justice and compassion.

"In my travels I have found many who are seeking answers.

I have come to believe that no one who has come earnestly seeking
and with a genuine hunger has gone home with an empty heart"

('Uluru Journey' - D.Grierson)