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Dr Joseph Voros

Senior Lecturer in Strategic Foresight
Doctor of Philosophy, Monash University, Australia; Bachelor of Science (Honours), Monash University, Australia


Dr Joseph Voros holds a PhD in theoretical physics (on mathematical extensions to the General Theory of Relativity). He then spent several years in internet-related firms, including a stint at the legendary Silicon Valley company Netscape Communications, and is now a professional futurist.

Dr Voros started at Swinburne in 2000 as a project consultant in the former Australian Foresight Institute. Then appointed as a strategic foresight analyst in a top-level strategic planning unit at Swinburne, he was involved in the building of an organisational strategic thinking capacity based on foresight concepts and methodologies, forming strong links with the strategic foresight teaching program, attending every subject and providing a practitioner's perspective in regular invited lectures. In 2003, he joined the teaching staff and began lecturing full-time in the Master of Strategic Foresight program on the theory and practice of foresight in organisations and society. He also re-designed, convened and for several years taught the Master of Business Administration (MBA) unit on Corporate Strategy, bringing a unique foresight perspective to it.

He has presented at conferences nationally and internationally, including keynotes, and three research articles from his Generic Foresight Process framework series have won excellence awards including an Outstanding Paper Award in 2010. He has a strong belief in the need for both rigorous intellectual discipline as well as practical pragmatic utility in "real world" contexts, and this belief lies at the heart of his approach to Futures Studies and strategic foresight. For many years he has used the multidisciplinary frameworks of Cosmic Evolution, Astrobiology, and 'Big History' to frame and explore broad questions about the longer-term futures of global civilisation and humankind.

He is a member of the World Futures Studies Federation, an academic member of the Big History Institute, a full member of the Association of Professional Futurists, a Founding member and former Board member (2012-2017) of the International Big History Association, and an invited member of the Great Transition Initiative. He serves on the editorial boards of the UK journal Foresight, the US Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, the European Journal of Futures Research, and the Journal of Big History.

Research interests

Cosmic Evolution & 'Big History'; The long-term future of humankind; Theories & models of social change; Foresight in organisations & societies; Foresight as core element of strategy, policy & design; Integrative / 'integral' approaches to knowledge & research; Futures thinking as a fundamental human cognitive capacity; The philosophical & methodological foundations of Futures Research

PhD candidate and honours supervision

Higher degrees by research

Accredited to supervise Masters & Doctoral students as Principal Supervisor.

Fields of Research

  • Studies In Human Society Not Elsewhere Classified - 169999
  • Business And Management Not Elsewhere Classified - 150399
  • Historical Studies Not Elsewhere Classified - 210399

Teaching areas

Cosmic Evolution / Big History;Futures Studies / Strategic Foresight


  • 2010, International, Outstanding Paper Award, Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence
  • 2008, National, National Finalist, Unijobs Lecturer of the Year Awards
  • 2008, International, Most Important Futures Works - Top 3, Association of Professional Futurists
  • 2007, International, Highly Commended Award, Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence
  • 2004, International, Highly Commended Award, Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence


Also published as: Voros, Joseph; Voros, J.; Voros, Joe
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