Preventing sexual assault and harassment

Swinburne commits to providing a safe and supportive environment to all students, staff and visitors.

We treat reports of sexual harassment or assault seriously and sensitively. Swinburne offers a range of services to people who have experienced sexual assault so they get the support that they need. 

Sexual assault occurs when a person is forced, coerced or tricked into sexual acts against their will or without their consent. Sexual assault is a crime and is not the victim's fault.

Access help and support

No matter where it happened, support is always available if you, or someone you know, has been sexually assaulted.

There is a range of options and resources available to you.

Zero tolerance

Swinburne has zero tolerance for sexual assault and harassment. We want safety and respect to be central to our university culture for all staff, students and visitors.

Our commitment

Australian data indicates that sexual assault is underreported. Swinburne has a commitment to gathering accurate information which will help keep our people safe by making informed changes.

In 2015, there were three cases of sexual assault on campus formally reported to the university. Two cases were reported in 2016 and four in 2017.

Respect. Now. Always. initiative

We are part of a national initiative, Respect. Now. Always, together with other Australian universities, to prevent sexual assault and harassment. It also aims to empower victims of assault or harassment to seek help and support.

This is an opportunity for universities to review policies, reporting procedures and support services. We will be able to keep learning from best practice and make improvements.

Swinburne participated in Australia's first national university student survey on sexual assault and sexual harassment. The results, released on Tuesday 1 August 2017, will help us to understand the prevalence of these incidents in Australian universities. We will be developing an action plan in direct response to the Australian Human Rights Commission's recommendations. 

24/7 National Support Line

As part of the Respect. Now. Always. initiative, universities are funding a national support line for student victims and survivors of sexual assault and sexual harassment. The service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week from 31 July to 30 November 2017. It is run by specialist trauma counselling service Rape and Domestic Violence Services Australia.

Call the support line on 1800 572 224.

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