Information for volunteers

If you’re volunteering at Swinburne, you need to be aware of our occupational health and safety (OHS) procedures and our position on child safety.

This information applies to anyone volunteering with Swinburne students or in Swinburne programs. If you’re a Swinburne student who is registered with Swinburne Student Life to volunteer, refer to the Leadership and Volunteering Program (LVP).

OHS procedures

As a volunteer you should be familiar with Swinburne’s OHS resources. It is important you understand your OHS responsibilities.

Child safety

As a volunteer you may work with children at Swinburne (a child is any person under 18 years old). In line with the Victorian Child Safe Standards, you must contribute to our child-safe environment and share our values of zero tolerance to child abuse and harm to children. You must also understand and abide by our code of conduct [PDF 75KB] when interacting with children.

Most volunteer roles at Swinburne also require a Working With Children Check. Make sure you check with your Swinburne supervisor that you’ve completed all required documentation before starting your role.

Child safety resources for volunteers

Further volunteer training and information

Your Swinburne program supervisor will provide you with further information specific to your volunteering role. Our supervisors will support you in your role and ensure a safe volunteering environment for everyone.