Event supplier induction

Event industry contractors and suppliers must complete an OHS induction before commencing their work on site. We have two main OHS inductions: the Events OHS induction and the Contractor OHS induction.

The Event induction covers specific hazards, risks and requirements relating to contractors and suppliers working at Swinburne events, such as food vendors, contractors assembling temporary structures and contractors providing entertainment.

Contractors and suppliers who are carrying out high-risk work, trades-related activities (such as carpentry and repairs and maintenance), or bringing hazardous substances or dangerous goods to campus must complete the Contractor OHS induction for the Facilities and Services Group.

Inductions must be renewed every 12 months.

Who has to do the induction?

The following people must complete the event supplier induction before starting any work:

  • a contractor, supplier or individual conducting work alone, unsupervised or without a Swinburne staff escort for an event
  • a contractor or supplier who is responsible for supervising the employees or subcontractors carrying out work for an event
  • a contractor or supplier from an external organisation who is responsible for coordinating and/or managing an event or function at Swinburne.