Sue Massey came to Swinburne as part of a professional development program for a one-day course in leadership and management. 12 months later, Sue is now graduating with two diplomas.

As Sue explains, her decision to continue studying after the short course was heavily influenced by her future career goals.

“The industry that I work in today is not going to be a long lived one, and a lot of us are going to have to re-train or move into other areas. The short courses and diplomas that I undertook have not only given me ideas and tools for how to implement new initiatives in my current work place; they have also given me a sense of personal achievement and broadened my skills so that I can have options. I believe that I am now more marketable.”

Sue - Diploma of Marketing and Management

For Sue, the decision to return to study was not an easy one, which is why she completed a number of short courses before taking the pathway into the diplomas.

“It’s been 20 years since I completed my undergraduate degree and I really didn’t know what to expect when coming back to study. The short courses were great because they gave me an idea of what the diploma course would be like, what the workshops are like, and what would be expected of me.”

What Sue found is that from the outset Swinburne’s career development programs are both engaging and supportive.

  • “I didn’t know what to expect when I signed up for Swinburne’s one-day course in Leading Innovation in the Workplace. I certainly didn’t expect to have such a fantastic time. The course had great facilitators, the content was interesting, and there was a great mix of people in the course. So I just kept coming back for more.”

    Sue Massey , Diploma of Marketing and Management

“I like the atmosphere at Swinburne, the workshops are great, and the course content is really interesting. But I think for me the best part of Swinburne’s programs is the opportunity to network with peers. As we are all older and working we all bring varied experiences to the table, and that really enhances the course.”

Sue’s advice to anyone considering coming back to study is, “If anyone is a little nervous about going into a full-time diploma study then I would recommend that you complete one of the short courses as a pathway, which will give you the confidence to launch into further studies, just as I have.”

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