Year 10 students

Year 10 is a good time to start thinking about what you want to do when you finish school, and what you can do at school to prepare for it.

Learn about our range of options, including alternatives to Year 11 and 12, and discover what further study at Swinburne is all about.

Choosing your Year 11 and 12 subjects

Deciding what you want to do after Year 12 can be difficult. A good place to start is thinking about your interests and skills, and the types of careers that you might be suited to. Then you can work out what qualifications you need to achieve your goals.

In addition to achieving a particular ATAR score, you may need to complete certain subjects to be eligible for the course you want to study.

Prerequisite subjects

Prerequisites are subjects you must complete to be considered for entry into a particular university course.

For example, to gain entry into an engineering degree at Swinburne you’ll need to study Units 3 and 4 Mathematical Methods. To gain entry into some design degrees you’ll need to study Units 3 and 4 in one of Art, Interactive Digital Media (VCE VET), Media, Product Design and Technology, Studio Arts or Visual Communication Design.

Prerequisite subjects are listed in the course entries in our online Course Search.

Alternatives to Year 11 and 12

Victorian Certificate of Education

Swinburne’s Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE Connect) offers secondary school qualifications for students seeking an alternative VCE experience with individualised choices.

Ideal for those with aspirations in Trades, Engineering, Nursing, Health Science, Horticulture and Technology, this course offers an innovative program with practical hands-on training.

Gain the skills and knowledge to prepare you for the next step – whether that’s a progression to apprenticeship, diploma or even pathway to a degree.

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning

The Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) is designed to be an alternative for students to the standard VCE.

VCAL focuses on hands-on learning and vocational training, developing students' literacy and numeracy skills, industry-specific skills, work-related skills and personal development skills.

Swinburne offers full-time VCAL programs at intermediate and senior levels, each based on a particular skill area.

Young Mums Program: VCAL

Swinburne’s Young Mums Program gives young mothers the opportunity to finish their schooling by completing the Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL).

The program is purpose-built to give you the skills and confidence to enter the workforce and become financially independent. It combines the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy with techniques and skills to help make your home comfortable and safe.

Upon graduation, you’ll have developed a high level of interpersonal skills, independence and the confidence. You’ll discover new pathways into the workforce, traineeships, apprenticeships and further education. 

Vocational Education and Training for Secondary Students

Vocational Education and Training for Secondary Students (VETSS) allows you to take on skills-based learning while completing your VCE or VCAL. You’ll study one of our certificate-level courses and gain practical hands-on skills while you’re still at school.

Depending on the course you could be studying on campus at Swinburne or at one of our partner schools. You can end up with two certificates and an easier path to further study, as well as improved opportunities for gaining employment.

The skills and qualification you gain through VETSS can count towards a further certificate, diploma or advanced diploma.

Pre-apprenticeships and apprenticeships

Pre-apprenticeships give you a taste of studying an apprenticeship in a particular industry. They can also offer a pathway into an apprenticeship, preparing you for the workforce and allowing you to improve your existing skills.

Apprenticeships are certificate courses that combine paid work with nationally recognised training, so you can earn while you learn. Your employer will teach you on the job while Swinburne provides the formal training for a nationally recognised qualification.

Visit the Swinburne Hub

The Swinburne Hub provides one-to-one consultations on:

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  • Skills and job advice
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  • VET Programs for Schools
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