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This course is the industry standard for training in chemical use, storage and handling. This course provides the required training for many Industry Quality Assurance Programs and is necessary to apply for the Victorian Agricultural Chemical Users Permit (an ACUP is required for users of Schedule 7 and other Restricted Chemical Products). It has been developed by AusChem Victoria and is the industry recognised standard for chemical use training for agriculture and horticulture.
It covers the regulations, obligations and safe practices for those involved in the preparation and application of chemicals, as well as the transport and storage of chemicals.
This course would be good for anyone who uses agricultural chemicals or veterinary medicines as well as all weed control contractors, land managers, farmers, local council, agribusinesses, vineyards, environmental volunteers such as friends groups and Landcare.
Course code AUSCHEMW
Area of study Auschem Training (full accreditation)
Auschem Refresher (non-accredited)
Duration 8 hours / 2 days

$390.00 full accreditation
$195 refresher

Campus Wantirna

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