Digital Advertising Technology

Gaining technical skills in digital advertising and digital marketing means working with an industry leader.

We recognise there’s a global shortage of graduates who have mastery of digital advertising and digital marketing technologies and applications. That’s why we offer digital advertising technology at Swinburne.

Digital advertising technology is an opportunity to develop the wide range of practical skills needed to operate in the digital marketing and digital advertising fields. We’ve worked with Adobe to develop courses that provide you with direct access to industry-leading Adobe Experience Cloud applications and training curriculum. You’ll learn to use these applications for social media marketing, video marketing, digital analytics, web and mobile content development, and programmatic cross-channel marketing. You’ll also develop the skills needed to produce cutting-edge digital marketing content including graphics, video, audio, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

By the time you graduate, you’ll have the confidence and skills to produce targeted content, evaluate analytics and manage campaigns. Future careers can be found in digital advertising, digital marketing, search marketing, search engine optimisation (SEO) and web analytics.

Connect with Adobe

Swinburne has partnered with Adobe in a world first through our major in digital advertising technology.

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Trusted by industry


Swinburne's digital advertising technology major is poised to address the demand for skilled digital marketing graduates. The first university to integrate Adobe Experience Cloud software (used in creative agencies, marketing teams and digital consultancies around the world), Swinburne's new major will utilise Adobe training materials to equip students with skills in areas such as digital analytics, search marketing, social media marketing and video marketing.

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World-first educational partnership

Digital Advertising Technology uses Adobe training materials and accredited teaching practices. It integrates Adobe Experience Cloud software as used by 12 of the top 20 ASX listed companies.

The Swinburne Advantage

We turn knowing into know-how.

We believe an undergraduate education must be about more than knowledge. In today’s competitive job market, it must be about true job readiness.

Starting in 2016, we’re expanding access to our Work Integrated Learning opportunities. It’s just a matter of choosing the opportunity that suits your future.

Choose from professional degrees, professional placements, professional internships, industry-linked projects, industry study tours and accreditation placements. There are also a range of other opportunities you can create.

You’ll build invaluable skills and confidence in knowing you have what it takes to land a job in your field by graduation.

We think it’s an approach that makes the adventure worth taking. See for yourself.
The Swinburne Advantage. Available to all new undergraduate students from 2016.

Joanne Hajjar accepting graduation scroll from Chancellor Graham Goldsmith

Take on a Grand Challenge

Is the Great Australian Dream of a quarter acre block dead? Will we be renters for life? How can we afford decent housing? In her final-year Grand Challenges project, Joanna Hajjar (pictured) wrestled with those questions and developed solutions alongside experts and fellow students.  

You too could dive into a Grand Challenge of your own, covering topics like sustainable cities or digital transformations in collaboration with the Centre for Urban Transitions.

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