Motion Design

Engaging visual narratives driven by design.

Motion Design is the art of combining graphics, type, animation, video, photography and sound to design engaging visual narratives. It’s the future of visual communication and requires a profound understanding of visual design and motion.

Swinburne Motion Design courses will teach you to become a creative communicator for a range of digital platforms. They place an emphasis on the creative process of motion design, including the principles of design, animation and sound. You’ll explore new technologies and intersections of digital and physical worlds to produce interactive media experiences.

Upon completion, you’ll have the confidence and skills to apply your knowledge to a wide range of industries such as design, film, games, education and health. Future careers can be found in motion design, digital design, video production and more.

Digital Media Design: this discipline will be known as Motion Design from 2020

Digital Media Design at Swinburne

Discover the wide-range of projects that Digital Media Design students create at Swinburne. You’ll gain skills in visual design, motion graphics, animation, video production, sound design and interactive media.

Learn more about the Bachelor of Design with a major in Digital Media Design

Digital wall - Digital Media Design: Students work displayed on a digital wall in Collins St

Collins St Media Wall lights up with Swinburne Digital Design

Swinburne student works at 664 Collins Street went live at a gala opening event celebrating the collaboration between Swinburne, Mirvac and Grimshaw Architects.

The Swinburne Advantage

We turn knowing into know-how.

We believe an undergraduate education must be about more than knowledge. In today’s competitive job market, it must be about true job readiness.

Work Integrated Learning is a key part of the Swinburne Advantage. It’s just a matter of choosing the opportunity that suits your future.

Choose from professional degrees, professional placements, professional internships, industry-linked projects, industry study tours and accreditation placements. There are also a range of other opportunities you can create.

You’ll build invaluable skills and confidence in knowing you have what it takes to land a job in your field by graduation.

We think it’s an approach that makes the adventure worth taking.

Leinard Tapat, a digital media design student, shares his experience at Swinburne.

The main reason I chose Swinburne was because of its professional placements program. It’s amazing working with people who share your passions and I felt right at home. While I was on a fully paid work placement it felt good knowing that Swinburne had my back.


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