Switching to Swinburne

If you switch to a Swinburne diploma or certificate course from another Australian educational institution, you may be eligible for course credits. 

The amount of credit you'll receive is based on the type of study you have completed, how many units you've completed and the relevance to the course at Swinburne you are applying for. 

How to apply for course credit

Follow these steps to apply for course credit:

  1. Apply for your chosen course at Swinburne.
  2. If your application is successful, you can apply for course credit during enrolment. 

You will need to have the following documentation to apply for credit: 

  • completed an Application for Advanced Standing (VE) form
  • certified copy of an academic transcript or statement of attainment from previous institution
  • course outlines showing content, learning outcomes and assessment requirements
  • an explanation of the grading structure used at the institution you are switching from.

Note: Most enrolment is completed online, so you will need to scan your documents, ready to upload.

On-campus exemptions sessions

If you are required to attend an exemptions session on campus, you will be informed by the online enrolment tool.