Applicants with higher education study

You could be studying at a different university, then decide to switch to Swinburne. Your results from your previous university will be used to assess whether you can enter an undergraduate course.

We take into consideration your results and whether you completed the course:   

  • If your higher education study (either complete or incomplete) was undertaken in the last seven years, we will consider those results as a basis for admission
  • If your results are from more than seven years ago and you did not complete your university degree, you will be considered for entry, but you may sit the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) (where STAT is included in specific course admission criteria)
  • If you completed your course more than seven years, we will consider whether your results and qualifications are a suitable basis for entry to your chosen course.

Where course entry requirements include prerequisite subjects, you must present evidence of having successfully acquired the required knowledge and skills through current or previous studies. Individual course admission criteria will identify where that prerequisite study needs to have been undertaken within a certain time period.

You can also apply for apply for academic credit on the basis of your previous Higher Education results.

Find more information about pathways from other higher education courses and entry requirements to individual courses via Swinburne’s Course Search.