Applicants with work and life experience

Secondary education

If you completed Year 12 in the last two to seven years, your results and ATAR can still be used to assess you for admission to an undergraduate course. We may also look at your work and life experience to assess whether you have maintained or further developed skills relevant to your preferred course.

Work and life experience

If you completed your secondary education more than seven years ago or have no formal qualifications, applicants to some undergraduate courses may be assessed for entry on the basis of relevant work and life experience. Applicants provide: a detailed Curriculum Vitae; position description/s of relevant current and past employment; and letter/s of recommendation from employers.

Where course entry requirements include prerequisite subjects, you must present evidence of having successfully acquired the required knowledge and skills through current or previous studies or work and life experience.

Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT)

For entry to some undergraduate courses, you may sit the Special Tertiary Admissions Test (STAT) Multiple Choice.

To be eligible for admissions on the basis of the STAT, you must be:

  • a Non-Year 12 applicant (you must not be a current (2019) or recent Year 12 student (or equivalent) within the last 2 years (i.e. 2018 or 2017)), and
  • at least 19 years old on 31st December in the year you commence your studies

Swinburne will consider your STAT results if you have:

  • no prior or recent secondary school results (Year 12 or equivalent) or work experience that meet the entry requirements for the course, or
  • no recent TAFE or university results (within the last 7 years) that could be considered for entry, or
  • TAFE or other tertiary results with ungraded assessment (only have pass/fail results)

Your scores from the STAT test will be used to determine your selection rank. 

You must also meet any course prerequisites and additional entry requirements to receive an offer to a preferred course.  Your STAT results may satisfy Maths prerequisites for most courses, except Engineering and Aviation.  STAT Written test results may satisfy English requirements (except Law, Psychology (Honours), Accounting and Information Systems, Information Technology, Professional and Education courses).

Results from your STAT test are valid for two years.