Systemic Model in Supervision and Group Based Interventions

PSC70021 12.5 Credit Points Singapore


  • One semester/teaching period

Contact hours

  • 36

On-campus unit delivery combines face-to-face and digital learning.

Aims and objectives

Clinical Supervision is one of the processes used to enhance counselling competencies and maintain professional ethical
standards. This session will introduce participants to a Model of Supervision that is systemically informed and is reflexive in
process. It will identify five areas of focus in supervision and will also present different tools used. Also discussed will be the relative
strengths and limitations of each method.
Unit Learning Outcomes:
At the conclusion of this unit students should:
1. Have knowledge of, and ability to work, within a Systemic Model of Supervision
2. Identify and describe the focus and outcome of supervision
3. Identify and describe different styles of Systematic supervision
4. Demonstrate the ability to work with process models in supervision

Courses with unit

A unit of study in the Graduate Diploma in Clinical Supervision (GD-CLSUP) programs.