Research Methods for Teachers

EDU30031 12.5 Credit Points Hawthorn


  • One Semester

Contact hours

  • 24 Hours


EDU20023 Professional Experience 2
EDU30060 Secondary Curriculum and Pedagogy 2

Aims and objectives

In this unit, pre-service teachers are introduced to a range of educational research approaches with a view to having them identify with the role of the teacher-as-researcher. Pre-service teachers are introduced to various types of research, and methods for gathering data in the study of the context, processes and outcomes of schooling. The unit prepares pre-service teachers to engage critically with research throughout their professional career.

Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to:
1. Critically evaluate research processes including different approaches, methodologies and methods.
2. Critically analyse the role of research in guiding and informing teaching practice.
3. Search, synthesise and integrate scholarly literature in a chosen area to inform practices.
4. Reflect upon current skills and knowledge in education and understand the need for continued professional learning.

Courses with unit

This unit will not be offered from 2019 
BA-EDUSEC Bachelor of Education (Secondary)
BB-EDSBUS Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Business
BB-EDSSC Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Science
BB-EDSART Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Arts
BB-EDSART1 Bachelor of Education (Secondary)/Bachelor of Arts