Managing Projects and Stakeholders

INF70002 12.5 Credit Points Online


  • One study period of 12 weeks

Contact hours

  • Not applicable as the unit is offered via distance mode however it is expected that students are req



Aims and objectives

Developing meaningful systems on time and within budget requires an understanding of many organisational and technological factors, culture, social capital investment, sufficient skills to identify and manage change agents, and the skills to coordinate resources.

Students will consider issues of systems production using various project life cycle models. In particular the identification and management of risk will be considered as well as the need to manage projects that not only involve new systems development, but also involve outsourcing and implementing purchased solutions.

Project management approaches (PMBOK) are discussed in-depth and students will investigate one or more computer-based tools used to aid the resource management and implementation strategies for information technology and information system development and implementation.
On completing this unit students should be able to:

·         Understand management issues in relation to organisational cultures

·         Understand and apply principles of stakeholder management

·         Assess human and social capital investment in projects

·         Understand and apply important elements of the Project Management Body of knowledge (PMBOK) to a project

·         Use software management tools effectively to develop schedules and budgets.

·         Understand governance and ethics within an organisation

·         Identify and apply ethical codes of conduct related to project management

Courses with unit

A unit in the Master of Technology (Business Systems).