Manage mediation processes

BSBHRM510 Hawthorn

Aims and objectives

How you will benefit

  • Consult to identify mediation requirements
  • Research mediation models and systems
  • Identify parameters for a mediation system
  • Draft and validate mediation guidelines
  • Learn how to obtain endorsement for guidelines
  • Train mediators
  • Explain mediation procedures to parties in dispute
  • Learn how to obtain agreement to mediation
  • Learn how to conduct interviews and clarify issues
  • Use a range of communication techniques
  • Learn how to establ¡sh mutual agreement
  • Formulate options for resolution
  • Continue with a mediation process to conclusion

What will be covered

  • Develop mediation guidelines
  • Prepare for mediation
  • Settle dispute for mediation
  • Finalise and review mediation