International Trade and Finance

FIN30013 12.5 Credit Points Hawthorn, Online, Sarawak


  • One Semester or equivalent

Contact hours

  • 36 hours

On-campus unit delivery combines face-to-face and digital learning. For Online unit delivery, learning is conducted exclusively online.



Aims and objectives

This unit provides students with the opportunity to develop the skills required to understand, interpret and evaluate international trade and financial concepts of relevance to Australian businesses and government, and to relate this knowledge to current international trade and finance issues. Students will improve their employability skills by learning and understanding the role of the financial manager in the present international environment; they will understand the internationalisation of finance using different economic indicators; and will describe and apply economic, financial and institutional concepts that are required to function in the present international financial system.
Students who successfully complete this unit will be able to:
1 Apply theoretical concepts to current issues in international trade and finance analysis.
2 Offer solutions to current international issues based on constructive arguments developed using research from a variety of sources.
3 Engage in informed theoretical and applied technical analysis in international trade and financial issues.
4 Communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, to develop informed analysis of current international trade and finance challenges.