Glass Box Project

CYB80007 25 Credit Points Hawthorn Available to incoming Study Abroad and Exchange students


  • One Semester or equivalent
    This unit will be delivered on-line in Semester 2 2020

Contact hours

  • 96 Hours

2020 teaching periods


Higher Ed. Semester 2

3 Aug 20 - 1 Nov 20

8 Dec 20

Last self enrolment:
16 Aug 20

31 Aug 20

Aims and objectives

This unit has two foci:
• the collection, analysis and presentation of forensic evidence of attacks, data breaches and other cybersecurity incidents.
• investigation and diagnosis of faults in existing systems (on-line, stand-alone, mobile and cloud-based) and implementation of measures which will mitigate the identified security threats.
Students will act in the role of 3rd parties, system administrators or software licensees who are unable to access or change core functionality, source code, binaries or software in memory. The students will find ways of ameliorating security vulnerabilities, verified by automated software testing.

Unit Learning Outcomes (ULO)

Students who successfully complete this Unit will be able to:

1. Collect, analyse, verify and present forensic evidence of attacks and cybersecurity incidents.
2. Compose a research plan and conduct independent research to correctly classify attacks, vulnerabilities and consequences.
3. Develop and evaluate appropriate mitigation strategies to prevent attacks by intercepting data and control streams passing in to and out of vulnerable systems.
4. Select and use appropriate methods of automation to demonstrate attacks and vulnerabilities and to demonstrate the effectiveness of mitigation strategies.
5. Evaluate weaknesses in physical security and recommend improvements to security systems.
6. Discuss the findings of eForensic investigations with peers and communicate to appropriate audiences.
7. Verify the effectiveness of team-based environments to investigate security threats and challenges.