Final Year Research Project 1 (PDE)

PDE40002 12.5 Credit Points Hawthorn


  • 1 Semester

Contact hours

  • 36 hours

On-campus unit delivery combines face-to-face and digital learning.



Aims and objectives

This unit of study aims to develop the student’s research, design and engineering skills to a professional level and provides the opportunity to collaborate with industry and research organisations to develop an innovative product outcome.
After successfully completing this unit, you should be able to:
Engage with industry partners and research organisations to develop an innovative project outcome.
Research and analyse appropriate and emerging materials and manufacturing technologies.
Write and present a major project technical report that includes a product design specification, design methodology, references a literature review, customer needs, ergonomics, market evaluation and existing/competitive products. Apply knowledge and skills acquired during the course in a design context.
Uses new technology or processes that integrate mechanical engineering solutions in a design solution. Demonstrate the ability to complete a full project from inception to achieving stated deliverables.
Present a professional seminar.
Learning and Teaching Activities:
The Professional Project units run for the duration of two teaching periods and consists of PDE40002 Professional Project 1 (PDE) Semester 1 and PDE40003 Professional Project 2 (PDE) in Semester 2.
The professional project will be undertaken individually in conjunction with an industry partner. This unit consists of the initial half of a self directed research and design project and will require regular progress reports and de-briefing with design and engineering support staff each week during the semester.
The project is outlined as:
· Students are expected to define their research topic, make contact with potential industry partners and then conduct research (including literature reviews and market surveys). Students will then undertake conceptual design and concept selection processes

· The research from this unit will culminate in the submission of an 8,000 word (maximum) interim technical report (plus appendices), correctly referenced (Harvard) outlining all the relevant areas of research and a concept design folio;

· The project will conclude with a professional seminar presentation to a review panel comprising representatives of both the FHAD and FSET;

· PDE40003 Professional Project 2 will concentrate on detailed product development, form studies, testing, refinement, engineering detailing and prototyping to meet customer and product specifications.

This unit provides students with a framework that supports innovative and detailed product development underpinned by robust research and project management processes. The project must not be a redesign of an existing product. The goal is to create a new and innovative outcome that embraces new technology and/or processes and addressers a social and/or environmental need. All projects must integrate mechanical engineering solutions into the final outcome.
The initial research will focus on the latest available technology using various sources including the following areas; materials and manufacturing technology, customer needs, ergonomics, market evaluation and existing products.

Preparation requirements:
Students should attend all sessions with the appropriate project materials for consultation and to further their design. This includes a product development/reflective journal that documents an account of the project’s progress.